June 6, 2016

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  • Anderson and I again woke up early this morning for today's dentist appointment.  Anderson was a bit nervous before this one and was pretty worried about getting a shot before any dental work.  I assured him that it would be fine and thankfully he did not have to have a shot at all.  When his work was finished, Jolley said that Anderson was a perfect patient.
  • The dentist did warn me that the filling wouldn't last forever and that boys would be boys.  But it sure did look good and was great to have Anderson's old smile back.  Too bad that old smile only lasted for about 8 hours!  This afternoon Anderson was diving into the pool and when he came up, he was shouting "my tooth, my tooth."  Yep, the large chunk of his new filling came right out!  I guess it is a good thing that Anderson is such a good dental patient-because he will get to do it all again.  (All of his sensitive nerves are covered so it doesn't bother him at all but now it is just the hassle.)
  • While Anderson and I were at the dentist, Nonna and Pops came over and cooked up some wonderful pancakes.  The kids enjoyed them and ate just about every single one of them-they only left me one for my breakfast.  After breakfast, Whitman and Pops cuddled up on the couch and watched some Thomas the Train.  Nonna played a few games with the kids and even made a craft with the girls.
  • Once they left, we started on our school work for the day.  We worked on our science for a little bit (I am beginning to think that we will never finish it!) Once that was finished, we all started on lunch and chores.  After eating, Reagan helped everyone make pudding and top it with oreos and gummy worms.  
  • We then had few minutes to work on our chores before we loaded up for the swimming pool.  On the way, we stopped by a car wash-the kids all love a car wash and they especially loved the lollipops that we were handed before we went through.  Anderson didn't let Whitman have his because he urged Whitman to be a big boy which he was.
  • Then it was on to the pool-the Kamps and Crafts were there and so will Lilli.  A whole lot of other people were there too so all the kids had someone to play with.  Things went swimmingly well until the end when Anderson's tooth did come out, Reagan's goggles were left at the bottom of the pool after we all had to get out and she would not ask to jump in and get them (her brother had to ask for her) and then we couldn't find Lilli's goggles anywhere.  
  • All of this faded when we arrived home and Robby had supper prepared for us. We all ate and then the kids headed outside to play.  We had almost decided that the neighbors weren't going to come outside at all but eventually they did so all of my kiddos went right outside (except Anderson, who has not yet gotten back on his bike)
  • At dark, we called everyone in and soon all of my kiddos were in bed-tomorrow is soccer day camp!

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