June 21, 2016

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  • Day 2 of VBS and goodness gracious if I had this much trouble getting out of the door this morning then how in the world will we still be able to get there on time for three more days? I probably should just go to bed right now but that isn't going to happen.
  • I had big plans for us to have toast this morning but that didn't happen so it was just pop tarts which could be inhaled while I read our chapter of the Bible for the day or they could finish it in the car.  Right now though getting the kids to get in the car is fairly easy-we are listening to a pretty good book on tape and the kids are loving it (I am too).  It is over 10 hours of cds so that will keep us busy for a few more mornings of VBS.
  • Today at VBS the big 3 all came home with cute little canvases with painted trees on them and a plate that is a dry erase board.  They are neat but not really sure where we will put all of this.  Whitman pottied in his class (woohoo) and even was able to take home a little beach ball.  Campbell was cute in her Angry Bird hat-it was hat day for the big kids so she joined in.  And Keaton was super proud of all of her crafts that she made.
  • When VBS was over, we went to Nonna and Pops' house to eat lunch.  The kids gobbled up everything that Nonna put in front of them.  At 1ish, Anderson and I ran to the endodontist for his second check up with her.  So far things look good but we will have to return in 6 weeks and then again in 3 months for follow up visits.
  • On the way home, we ran by the library and then on to Nonna's house to pick up everyone else.  Once we made it home, Campbell laid down on my bed, Graham spread out on the floor with a blanket and Reagan cozied up on the couch.  My people are tired, tired!
  • We didn't really do too much this afternoon and when Robby came, we had our supper and then all migrated outside.  The excitement tonight was the kids getting to help the neighbor kids catch 3 of their escaped chickens.  And after Robby finished mowing, we played our first game of kick ball and had ourselves a blast-a hot, sweaty blast but a blast nonetheless.
  • Once inside, it was showers for all and then bedtime-day 3 tomorrow and maybe we will try toast again for breakfast!

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