June 15, 2016

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  • I woke up this morning with Whitman knocking on his door for me to let him out.  I then put him in bed with me and he laid there eerily still until I finally decided that we should get up and start the morning.  I told him that he should go and play with his trains and he ran down the hall.  A bit later, Robby was telling everyone bye and he found Whitman laying on the steps.  He was then acting pretty pitiful-we thought he might be a bit warm so when he said that he wanted to eat, so we ate.  Once during breakfast, he put his head down on his stooI so by this time, I was pretty concerned.  I fed him everything and anything that he would eat (pop tarts-wanted them but didn't eat them, milk-drank it all up and asked for more, pancakes-saw the boys with them and asked for them and gobbled them up and even coke-cried for a good 10 minutes because I didn't pour it into the same cup with his milk.  But after breakfast he was back to his fussy old self and all was well.
  • The kids helped me do a few chores and soon we were loading up to go to Nonna's house.  Anderson, Keaton and I didn't stay too long there and headed to the dentist.  First up was Anderson for the refixing of his teeth.  He is not phased at all by any of this dental work (has never had to have a shot or anything) and is just a bit annoyed by all of it.  And I guess that he is a 9 year old boy, because he sure doesn't seem to mind at all how his teeth look-in or out!
  • They were finishing with him when they called Keaton back.  She doesn't know that you are supposed to be scared at the dentist so she had no concerns at all.  They put her in the chair and gave her some laughing gas and that baby didn't move at all.  She did answer all of their questions and didn't even flinch when he gave her 2 shot before starting to work.  I assume that the laughing gas was working very well because she would occasionally lift up her arms into the air.  
  • When we left, Jolley said that he would have been a pediatric dentist if all kids were like my two.  We headed to make a quick return and on the way, we constantly reminded Keaton to not bite the side of her mouth since everything was still asleep (notice her crooked smile in one of the pictures from today).  Anderson really enjoyed watching Keaton try to drink from my water bottle while in the car-she just dribbled water all over herself since her lips were still numb.
  • Then we went to pick up Reagan.  She had a big time at Kennedy's birthday party.  They rode miles and miles on their bikes yesterday and today, watched a movie and ate lots of yummy food.  The highlights for Reagan was judging the girls' dance competition (Kennedy won with Kaleigh in second place) and then painting a really neat ice cream picture.
  • We made it back to Nonna and Pops' house just in time to eat lunch and the kids all headed outside to play in their sprinkler for a bit before heading to swim.  Campbell could have stayed at Nonna's house in the sprinkler all day long and her favorite thing to do was washing the van with the sprinkler.  
  • We met Sara at the pool and the kids played there until almost 5.  I was a bit anxious about Anderson losing a tooth or two today in the pool but his new dental work stayed in and all was well.  Keaton is doing well with her swimming ("well" is used very loosely-she can do pretty good swimming from me to the wall but sometimes she just tries to doggy paddle and sinks slowly under the water)  Whitman will now try to put his head under the water and will just paddle his arms as fast as he can.  It is pretty comical to watch-after Anderson watched him for a minute and then said "make him stop, Momma!"
  • We unloaded the car at home and the boys and Reagan took showers while Keaton and Campbell went outside to play.  Robby came home and started on supper about the same time that Reagan and I left to help decorate for VBS at church.  Reagan was able to help some but then she did sneak off to the playground.  
  • Everyone at home had supper, showers and then settled into watch a movie-we even let them stay up until almost 10.  What are we thinking?  They had a good evening though and relished getting to stay up so late-only thing is, the later they stay up then the later we stay up!

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