June 4, 2016

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  • At 7:01, Graham and Campbell came down the stairs.  We know that for sure because the alarm chimed-Robby had set the alarm to ding if their motion sensor upstairs was activated last night because Whitman was sleeping in his bed upstairs (no, not his big boy bed, just his crib.)  I have no idea why my Graham wakes up every single day at 7-he needs some benedryl or something before bed.  
  • Anderson was across town also waking up at 7.  Cash and he did stay up until midnight-or so they said.  Anderson did said that he took a picture late last night just to show us how late it was.  The clock on his kindle picture said "10:40"-those crazy boys!
  • When we all started stirring at home, the kids ate their breakfast all except for Reagan.  We never really saw her this morning because she was finally getting her chance to sleep in.  Before too long I was on my way to get Anderson from Grannymom's house. 
  • After picking him up, we headed to Savers where I picked up two shirts for the boys and then I found a game for the littles and Anderson found a game for him, Reagan and Graham.  He found Wheel of Fortune and on the way home, he was looking at the box and said "the people on the box must have been the first people on the show."  Nope, I explained that it was just Pat and Vanna when they were young.
  • We then ran to Target and then home.  Everyone at home were outside.  The girls were lining up all of the bikes and balls and were about to open a store.  Graham was getting his hair cut and Campbell was bringing Whitman outside while explaining to him that he was going to have to sit still for Daddy.  Yep, it was haircut day for our little Dennie.  Whitman sat fairly still while Robby cut his hair and turned our baby into a little boy.  I do think that he looks mighty cute.
  • After Robby finished all of the boys hair, we decided to brave the weather and head to the pool.  It was fairly cloudy but the kids were able to swim for a good while until it started raining.  And when it rained, it really rained but it never lightened so the kids were able to keep on swimming.  Lilli and Cash were there so we stayed until after supper time.
  • Once we made it home, Robby grilled burgers after everyone showered and then we all had some time to watch a Ninja Warrior show before bed!

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