June 29, 2016

Ready for another day at Family Farm!
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  • Day 3 of Family Farm and even though we had one extra camper, Camryn, at our house we were still a bit earlier than yesterday.  The kids are continuing to devour my muffins that I made the other day with Keaton and Whitman.  I happily pass them out but inwardly I hesitate since we had made those muffins for our first few days of school.
  • Keaton wasn't here this morning but Anderson was so noisy that before they left with Robby, Whitman came bouncing out of his room.  I really wasn't expecting him to be up at 7 and had hoped that I could sneak back into bed when the others left but that didn't happen.  Whitman and I ate our breakfast and then I folded laundry while he worked on his marble track.
  • I worked around the house for the rest of the morning and Whitman played trains and watched his kindle.  When it was almost time to go, I brought down Candy Land to play with Whitman.  He did play for a little bit but quickly bored with the game but we did manage to finish it before leaving to pick up Keaton.
  • Keaton had spend the night with her little friends, Evelyn and Izzy, and she had a blast.  The had "Papa Johns pizza" for supper.  Then they took a bath and decorated a cupcake.  The girls slept on mattresses in the living room and even watched a movie before going to bed.  I do believe that it was around 11 when they finally went to sleep and my goose is tired today.  This morning they went to a splash park and then ran through Chick Fil A before I met them at church to get my girl.
  • Then Keaton, Whitman and I went to see Beebee.  Pops was there and the kids were glad to see him and glad to see Beebee and her full candy box.  After we stayed a bit, we ran to the library which is always an adventure with Whitman since he has no volume control at all. 
  • We followed that stop with Nonna and Pops' house for lunch.  Whitman wanted to stay when I left so I certainly let him but Keaton wasn't going to leave me for any amount of time after being gone last night.  (The plan had been for me to have a dentist appointment today but it was cancelled this morning.)
  • Once at home, Keaton was tired, tired so I told her that she had to rest-with me on the couch or in her bed.  She wasn't too pleased about this but did eventually fall asleep on the couch.  Robby was home soon and gave her a drink and moved her to my bed where she stayed for a few more minutes before she went to work playing with her baby dolls.
  • Robby went to get the kids and Pops and Nonna returned Whitman.  I was heating up supper when the campers came home with their hands full of awards and their faces full of dirt.  We ate our supper and then the last half of the kids had their showers.  The kids had some time to watch tv while Robby and I sat outside for a bit listening to the birds sing.  Then we watched a bit of Ninja Warrior before putting all of our tired kiddos into bed.

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