June 13, 2016

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  • Graham was awake early this morning but the other boys didn't wake up until much later and even later to wake up were the girls.  That was fine with me because I was moving pretty slowly this morning as well.  
  • After we ate breakfast, I let the kids do whatever they wanted.  The boys (Cash and my boys) worked on a big car track downstairs and then they eventually went upstairs to play on the xbox for a bit.  The girls joined the boys occasionally but for the most part they played their kindles, colored and watched their cupcake show.
  • I am not really sure what I did all morning long-possibly fold laundry, vacuum and constantly cleaning up after the kids.  Around noon, I started on lunch and then we loaded up for another dentist appointment.
  • First we dropped off Cash and Whitman at Grannymom's house and then it was time for the 5 big kids to have their teeth cleaned and for Anderson to have his front teeth fixed again.  All went well except little Keaton has a big old cavity.  We will get that fixed later this week but Anderson's front teeth were fixed today-twice actually.  One of them, Jolley wiggled so hard that he knocked it out so he did it once again.  Hopefully these teeth will hold the boy for many, many years!
  • Then we picked up the others and headed home.  Once home, we worked on chores for a good while and then Robby arrived home with pizza for supper.  The kids ate supper while Robby started on his evening project-removing more lint from the dryer.  
  • He had bought a new tool to help remove the lint and did it ever!  We thought that Robby had gotten a lot of lint out of the dryer the other day but that was only a drop in the bucket compared to what he removed tonight.  He also worked on the dryer upstairs but most of his time was spent downstairs and he also had some issues with the washer and also a bit of problem with the gray water.  
  • All of this let to a short night for us.  The kids did play outside so this meant that they had to have showers and then they stayed up as late as they could.  I do believe that they were trying really hard to be quiet so we would not notice them and put them to bed while we were busy de-linting the house.  
  • We eventually noticed them and they were put to bed but the de-linting continued for another couple of hours.  Here is my public service announcement for the week: if you have not cleaned your dryer vent lately, you need to ASAP!

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