June 24, 2016

Spending the nigh on the Lake!
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  • This morning was the last day of VBS, water day for the big 3, pies in the face to watch, a night at the lake for all but Whitman was was looking forward to a night out at Nonna's house.  Needless to say, I had some pretty excited kiddos who were up early, early this morning.  Whitman did help wake everyone up this morning when he went up to the boys' room and dumped out a box of Lincoln logs so he could stand on it and turn on their light so he could play his trains.
  • We had our breakfast and finished just in time to put up laundry before heading out the door.  When my job was over, I picked up Keaton and Campbell who had just finished seeing the preschool pie in the face and we also picked up Whitman and then went to see the Barnes get a pie in their face.  Overall, the VBS kids donated over 2,000 bucks to buy medical supplies for Belize and Honduras.  
  • We were walking to the car when my big people told me about snow cones out front so we drove around there and all had a snow cone before picking up a pizza on the way home.  Once we arrived home, the first order of business was cleaning out the car and then lunch.
  • The kids helped clean up their rooms and then all packed for our night at the Pennington's house.  Then they had free time while I packed for myself and cleaned the kitchen.  We finally loaded up after 3 and our first stop was at my folks house to drop of Whitman. 
  • Whitman saw his bag today in the mudroom and noticed that I had not packed all of the stuffed animals from his bed and went to fetch them and add them to the pile himself.  He was pretty excited about his night out or maybe he was just excited about getting to take his trains and train tracks with him (he never really gets to take his train tracks anywhere).
  • The first stop of the trip was Chickfila for milkshakes and then Robby ran into Walmart and then Home Depot to find a part to fix his magic movie box.  Then I ran into 2 stores looking for an atlas which they did not have (not because we needed one but just because we wanted to have one to plan our trip with) and finally I went into Walmart to return something that Robby bought on his first Walmart stop and to pick up that elusive atlas.  By this time, we were close enough that we didn't even have anytime to look at the atlas to work on our trip planning.
  • Once at the Pennington's the kids gave us a tour and we unloaded our bags.  Jaymie had made some bbq which we all ate for supper.  The grownups sat inside and the kids sat outside.  Then the kids watched a movie while the adults sat outside and talked.  The evening seemed to fly by because the girls are now all sound asleep in the media room and the boys are in the boys' room.  We are about to call it a night because I am sure that it will be an early morning!

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