June 7, 2016

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  • Today was soccer camp for my kiddos and they were up early and ready to start their day.  Keaton did sneak into our bed and tried her best to get both of us to stay a bit longer.  We had breakfast and then it was off to Raymar.
  • Whitman left with Robby to go to Grannymom's house for the day.  Whitman would go anywhere with Robby as long as they get to go in the red van.  Tonight Robby asked if Whitman wanted to go to work with him tomorrow and he said he sure did-he just wants to ride in that van!
  • I arrived at Raymar and the kids were so excited to join the others.  Before dropping them off, I sprayed them down with sunscreen hoping that it would last all day long.  Robby is the one who picked them up and he said that they all had a great time.  They told him all about the day-snacks, prizes, games (even a spelling bee), soccer drills and chick fil a sandwiches.  Everyone wasn't tired at all when Robby arrived to pick them up but they were ready for a huge slushy!
  • Nonna and I had spent the morning on a shopping trip.  I was able to find quite a few items for my belated birthday shopping trip and we were even able to have lunch out before Robby met me back at Nonna's house with the kids.
  • From there, we went to Grannymom's house to pick up Whitman.  He had spent the morning with Grannymom and even did some grocery shopping and ice cream eating.  He was already wearing his bathing suit and was ready to go when we arrived.
  • We then swam for about 2 hours-Keaton has picked back up how to swim with out her floatees so that is a good thing (except now, she only wants for me to be in the pool with her so she can swim back and forth to me and the steps-only problem is that the pool is still very cool for me.)  We kept all of our teeth today while swimming so that was a good thing and when we were finished, we hurried home.
  • Robby was ready to take Anderson to his soccer party at Larry's pizza-there were only 2 other kids there but Anderson didn't care.  He still had lots of fun and Robby and him enjoyed a good meal.  The other kiddos were just handed a hot dog as they ran around the house.  The neighbors were outside so that means that all of my kiddos were too.
  • Neighbor man was washing his truck and spraying the kids as they rode near by.  All of the other kids would ride through the mist but Campbell would just stop in the water until she was soaking wet.  At some point, Keaton was sprayed at about the same time that Reagan plowed into her and knocked her down.
  • Graham was at the door, hollering for me saying "we have an accident, not like last time though."  So to the garage I went to find Keaton sobbing and soaking wet.  I was telling her that she was ok and could get dry clothes when the poor neighbor man walked up holding Keaton's bike.  He felt horrible and was so apologetic even though I tried my best to reassure him that she was fine and just tired.  After Keaton's shower, she went back outside but trust me, she is staying far away from neighbor man.
  • Anderson and Robby came home and everyone that had not showered, had their shower and then we watched a short movie while I cut out stuff for VBS.  Then it was bedtime-my kiddos were tired, tired from this busy day and tomorrow is just as busy!

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