June 11, 2016

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(Click here for a quick video from news of Sully's golf tourney - Campbell makes an appearance at the 1:01 mark)

  • Campbell came into our room around 5 last night saying that she was having a bad dream (probably just missed Reagan) so I pulled the blankets out from under our bed.  She fell quickly asleep but did finally climb into our bed around 7.
  • We didn't really have too much scheduled this morning other than a list of chores to do when Pops text about a golf tournament at Golf World.  Robby hadn't heard about it this year but since we have been in the past, we thought that we might as well load up and go.
  • Reagan had spent the night at the neighbors' house and even slept all night long in a tent.  She said that they were not hot as we thought they would be but instead they were chilly all night long.  She was pretty sure that they stayed up until 2 so I was quite surprised that they were awake and had already eaten a breakfast of French toast when I wrote to send her home in a bit.
  • The golf tournament had cokes and doughnuts when we arrived so we had ourselves breakfast there and then everyone grabbed a huge bottle of coke to carry with them on the course.  This year Whitman was not in a stroller which added some excitement to our round of golf but for the most part, Keaton and him could be found sitting under a bush in the shade drinking their drinks.  It was just hot out there-the hottest day of the year so far and those 2 little kids were burning up.
  • Campbell was quite the player and even scored 2 holes in one right in a row.  The boys were pretty serious about their golf game-Anderson even wore a glove to help with his swing.  Reagan wasn't so into her game of golf but she still had a good time.  Our family top scorer (other than Robby) was Anderson, followed by Reagan, then Graham, then Campbell, Keaton and Whitman (Keaton and Whitman didn't really finish the last half of the course since they were under the bushes so they were just given scores of 5 across the board.)
  • After our round of golf, we found the shade and had another coke along with some hot dogs (minus the buns since they had run out) and possibly another doughnut or two. Then it was award time.  We won 4 door prizes-2 gift cards to one restaurant, 1 gift card for another restaurant and a gift card for a sports store.  Then Keaton and Robby won 3rd place in her age range-she won 2 rounds of putt putt.  Since Keaton and Campbell were in the same age range, Campbell was also a winner.  Campbell won first place which was 6 rounds of golf and a huge trophy.  
  • We came home after the awards and worked on cleaning up the car, straightening the house and packing everyone up.  My Keaton and Campbell had actually packed their bag early this morning-Keaton' had not even been downstairs yet.  Seriously, I was pretty shocked-they even packed their Sunday clothes and 2 pairs of underwear.  My Graham becomes irate when I tell him to pack two pairs of underwear each time he spends the night somewhere.  I try to explain to him that he never knows what is going to happen but nope, he thinks this idea is some crazy mom thing that I have imagined and now make the kids do.  
  • Near 3, we loaded everyone up and headed to Dana's house.  She offered to keep all of my Dennie kids for the night and I certainly had no reason to turn her down!  Their first activity was swimming and supper at the pool.
  • Robby and I had ourselves a big night out-Home Depot, Michaels, the grocery store and then we ran home for a bit before picking up the Wilsons.  We went to eat in Conway at Tacos for Life and since we were going to be in the car for a bit, I packed some hummus for us to eat on the way and Shannon brought some cokes to drink.  
  • We ate and then walked around a bit at Home Depot (what old married folks do) and then drove back to the big city.  We decided that we needed dessert so we stopped at Cantina Laredo for their delicious apple pie dessert.  
  • Tomorrow Robby and I will have to move pretty quickly in the morning-pick up the kids and then hurry to church so we can buy our verse!

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