June 16, 2016

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  • I kind of feel like this is the last week of summer around here (it really isn't though) because next week we have early mornings with VBS and then Family Farm the next week.  So we are certainly enjoying sleeping in and I certainly do not feel guilty about it at all.  It was close to 9:30 this morning when we finally started on breakfast.
  • After breakfast, the kids did a tiny bit of their school and we worked on science before starting work on our Father's Day creations.  Keaton, Campbell and Graham had some painting to do outside and Reagan was working on making another ice cream picture to give away as a birthday present.   So there was lots of painting happening in the driveway and it was crazy, crazy hot outside-so hot that I would have happily loaded everyone up and taken them to the pool.
  • Robby did load everyone up (well, most everyone because Reagan stayed back with me) and they went to pick up some lunch.  They seemed to be gone for a very, very long time-even with Reagan here, it was too quiet.  I am going to be in big trouble the week of Family Farm when just Keaton and Whitman are here-I will be pretty lonely.
  • Our afternoon was fairly uneventful until I did notice the preacher man outside loading up wood into his truck.  Robby did go out and help and soon the girls were outside too.  They stayed outside until 8.  Robby did eventually join them and he mowed.  I stayed inside some and worked but then I migrated outside to help pick up and help Anderson do some painting (I am not sure when we all became so crafty.)
  • We all came in and showered off before having a smorgasbord of leftovers.  I do believe that practically everyone had something different to eat for supper.  We then let Graham and everyone else stay up a bit longer today so he could watch some of the NBA game on tv and then it was bedtime!

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