June 2, 2016

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  • The morning started off slowly around here and when I woke Reagan up at 8:30, she asked if just one morning I could let her sleep as late as she could.  She continued with that she wouldn't care if she had to do school in the afternoon.  I told her that was fine with me and sometime she can.  Usually, she is woken up by her sisters early but does stay in bed reading until breakfast time.
  • The kids spent most of the day outside-riding bikes, playing with the neighbors, drawing self portraits with chalk and just getting hot and sweaty.  I have more dirt and more flies in my house than you can believe but these are the days that my kids will remember.
  • It was a pretty normal and uneventful day most of the day.  Robby, Anderson and Whitman went to pick up Robby's lawnmower and lunch was even served outside for the kids.  At one point, Robby even made lemonade for them to all enjoy outside. (They were all really too filthy to let back in the house.)
  • And around 4:30 is when our uneventful day came to a screeching halt.  Graham comes in shouting that Anderson is hurt and Robby is right behind him gathering supplies.  Anderson did a flip over the handlebars of his bike and then rolled a few times before coming to a stop.  His elbows and chin were banged up but even more exciting was his two front teeth-one chipped at an angle and the other halfway gone.
  • We calmed Anderson down and brought him in to start working on his elbows.  I quickly called the dentist as Robby put ice and towels on Anderson's scraps.  Whitman was inside during all of this and he immediately started getting ice from the fridge and putting it on Anderson's knees-then eating it himself.  The other kids were peeking in the windows very concerned about their brother.
  • Our wonderful dentist, Ted Jolley, spoke to me on the phone and said that I should bring him in so we quickly showered Anderson and then I headed that way.  During all of this Anderson looked up at me and asked if the ambulance was going to come and get him.  I explained that he was fine and teeth could be fixed and then I began to remind him of when Robby's teeth were knocked out when he was a kid.
  • Jolley x-rayed Anderson's teeth and decided that he needed to see a specialist in the morning. That will be tomorrow's adventure of us and then back to Jolley on Monday.  They were so gracious to stay there late for us and he was very worried about Anderson's teeth.  The nerves are possibly exposed so that was causing Anderson some pain so we have been doping him up regularly.
  • By the time we were heading home, Anderson was feeling well enough to try to convince me to get him a doughnut (I would have but I was in the wrong lane and by the time I could get over, we had passed the shop-tomorrow maybe though)  Robby had everyone showered and supper was almost on the table.
  • Anderson was able to eat the lasagna though it is not his favorite even when he feels great but he did gobble down crackers and dessert.  A bit later in the evening, the kids noticed the neighbors again outside so they went outside to talk and Anderson was showing them and the neighborman his injuries.  While the kids were outside, Robby and I didn't have anything else to do so we rearranged our laundry room closet which lead to some more rearranging in two attics and Robby's new office.  
  • Once everyone was back inside, the kids watched one last tv show before bedtime.  I think that everyone will sleep and hopefully Anderson will as well.

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