June 9, 2016

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  • We heard those dreaded words last night so up the stairs we both went.  Robby took care of Anderson while I cleaned up after him.  As the poor boy was being sick, I asked where he first threw up, since I couldn't immediately find it, and he replied that it was on his library book.  So forget the kid, I ran to the book since I can't owe the library for 2 books!  But as Anderson was continuing to be sick, he said during a break, "I'll miss the tournament."
  • I had already decided then that if he wasn't sick again and felt like it, we would send him on to the last day of soccer camp.  But he was sick again so I finally went to sleep feeling pretty bummed.  When it was wake up time, we quietly woke everyone else up and started getting them ready.  Reagan said that Anderson could have her ticket to Friday's game because she knew that she would be at a friend's house for the night. She even tried to convince me to let him come-she didn't have to do much convincing because Robby was in the other room talking to Anderson and I had already decided that we would take him later if he felt better.
  • When Robby did ask Anderson if he wanted to ride to take everyone else to camp, he jumped up and hopped up the steps to change.  Then when he was putting on his shoes, he put on his cleats "just in case he felt like staying."  I was so glad when Robby came home without him-he felt well enough to stay and had himself a blast on the last day of camp.
  • On the way to camp, Robby picked up Keaton who had spent the night at Nonna and Pops' house.  The kids so enjoyed soccer camp this week and all said that they wished it was longer. Anderson's favorite was the coaches, Graham's favorite was soccer, Reagan's favorite part was the tournament, Keaton liked the Gatorade and Campbell's favorite was all of the snacks. 
  • Whitman relished this last day of quietness and he was even able to spend it at home alone (except for Robby and I).  He spent some of the morning watching tv and then moved on to playing trains upstairs.  I think that he could have stayed upstairs playing trains for another hour or two but a bit after noon, it was time for us to leave to pick up our soccer players.
  • I arrived just as they were passing out certificates, medals, tickets to two soccer games, t shirts and popsicles.  In the back, I saw Keaton sitting with Reagan and all of her friends.  Reagan later told me that Keaton had saved her a seat so they could sit together at lunch.  I then quickly found Anderson sitting by his friends and I never found where Graham and Campbell were sitting but I did see them.  
  • Campbell did hurry over to Keaton and say "look, Mom is here."  She almost seemed panicked like they better hurry over to the car or I might leave them.  I was only about 3 feet away during all of this and assured her that I was there and we weren't leaving yet.  Reagan, Graham and Keaton were all on team USA today and their group won the tournament which was cause for much celebration.
  • I had drinks for the kids in the car and then we stopped at Nonna's house so the kids could change into their bathing suits.  Then it was on to the pool and the Wilson's met us.  The kids all had a good time playing
  • Keaton is really improving swimming and possibly I was watching her too carefully and not watching Whitman...because at one point, I looked up and he was pouring a water bottle on a ladies head.  Yep!  I died!  I quickly got myself over there while profusely apologizing but the lady said that she had been doing it to him and she was playing with him and her 3 sons.  Either way, I still scooped my kid up and hauled him back to the other side of the pool.  
  • A bit later, I saw that boy again. This time, he was pushing a boat near the side of the pool.  One man was sitting on the side so his legs were in the pool but my Whitman just went right under the man's legs. I do believe that he has never met a stranger.
  • After pool time, we came home and the kids played outside while Robby and I cleaned out all of the freezers (2 from the fridges and the deep freeze).  Unfortunately, we didn't find anything exciting in there but things do look nice now.  Then we used an assortment of frozen items to make our supper.  The kids were inside just long enough to scarf the meal down and then ran back out to play.
  • Soon they all came in and we watched a bit of tv and Robby then told everyone to clean up and brush their teeth since it was 9:00 pm.  Just then his phone dinged and he had a text-the Wilsons' asking to go to get shakes.  Well, the kids could hardly contain their excitement and off we went.
  • We did enjoy our shakes and managed to stay out until almost 11.  Robby tried to urge the kids to stay in bed until 8 in the morning but I doubt that will happen.  
  • We probably should have gone to bed when the kids did but the towels in the dryer still weren't drying so that led Robby outside to clean out the dryer vent.  Our vent is very long and without the proper tools it proved to be quite a challenge.  I held the flashlight while he worked for a long time outside.  Then he came inside and worked from that side-he did briefly get his arm stuck in the pipe and said that he was seconds from having a panic attack.  His arm was still a bit red when I heard the story!  But within minutes our towels were dry and all seems well with the dryer.

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