June 19, 2016

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  • Unfortunately, Father's Day breakfast is not as elaborate as Mother's Day breakfast around here.  I had planned on baking some cinnamon rolls (from the can) and was only able to cook 1 of the 2 cans because one had exploded in the box.  That meant that everyone could have 1 cinnamon roll and that isn't even worth the effort.  Robby even ended up passing pieces of his out to everyone as I tried to hurriedly heat up pancakes and pass out a poptart or two to kill hunger until lunch time.
  • During all of this, Robby did open up his Father's Day gift.  His main gift (that he had ordered himself) did not arrive in time but no one seemed to notice with all of his other goodies.  Reagan had made him a cute mustache painting, Anderson had made the card, Graham had painted a tie, Campbell had created a silly face creation for him, Keaton had made an I love Dad sign and Whitman painted a picture.  I hope that Robby has some room on his desk for all of his Father's day gifts.
  • Church and Sunday school this morning where more gifts and papers were made for Robby.  Then we headed over to Nonna's house for more Father's Day celebrations.  Graham and Anderson had been so excited about the ice cream cake that was for dessert.  Anderson had even told all of his Sunday school class about the ice cream cake.  It was as hard as a rock when Pops tried to cut it, I tried and of course was not able to make any progress at all.  So I passed it to Robby and he was able to slice pieces for all of us but probably aggravated his wrist during all of the slicing he was doing.
  • We gave Pops his Father's Day present and after a bit of playing, we headed home.  Robby's favorite part of today was probably the awesome Sunday afternoon nap that he had (I did too!)  The kids cooperated and I only hopped up once when Keaton volunteered to pour milk for everyone (she probably could have done it too but I didn't want to risk it).  Everyone ate their candy bars from the little lady from church as their snack.
  • We picked up pizza and headed to Grandpa's house.  We ate supper and Grannymom had a lemon pie that Campbell thought was the best thing ever.  Then the kids played games until it was time for us to head home.  At home, we worked on straightening the house and then we are such softees that we let everyone (except Whitman who was in trouble for pottying in his pants) stay up and watch the final NBA game.  Graham was happy with the win but Anderson was not.  
  • VBS is in the morning so as soon as the game was over, the kids were ushered upstairs and to bed!

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