June 28, 2016

Swim day for Keaton and Whitman!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Family Farm day 2 and Robby and I did sleep in 10 minutes past our alarm ringing this morning and it definitely made a difference.  We were scrambling around this morning and barely got all of our people out the door in time.  Everyone had poptarts or muffins but today they ate as they traveled to pick up Cash.  
  • The Family Farm morning route is 4 Dennies leave here to pick up Cash.  Then at church Graham is dropped off and the Pennington boys are added.  Final stop is at Holland Chapel where all are unloaded to the Family Farm vans and the reverse happens on the way home-it is quite a haul but the kids are having a blast so it is worth it.
  • After they left, I had a few minutes to accomplish a few chores in the house before waking up Keaton and Whitman.  We loaded up and went to pick up Shannon from the car place and then dropped her off at her church house.  We then ran a few errands (Michaels and the Dollar Tree) then we made our final stop at the pool.
  • Keaton and Whitman were pretty thrilled that I got in the pool with them the first hour.  Seriously, the very first hour the pool was open-I got in with them.  I was the only other mother in that pool and should have won a prize.  We played and Keaton worked on her swimming.  During adult swim, I let them have their lunch which we had made the night before and they gobbled it up.  I have never seen him eat that much before...or even sit that still before (he must have been starving.)
  • After swimming for 2 hours, we headed home and Robby headed to the dentist.  He brought Keaton and Whitman along so they could play at Grannymom's house.  While they were not here, I stayed pretty busy here at the house and was just getting bored when they pulled in the driveway.
  • At that time, I was able to finally let Keaton do the one thing that she has waited to do all day long-pack her bags for Evelyn's house.  She quickly packed her bags and was so excited about her first little sleep over.  They had big plans for tonight-pizza, fruit, decorating cupcakes and playing in the water tomorrow.
  • We were home for just a short time when Keaton and I loaded up to pick up the camp goers.  Whitman stayed home with Robby and on the drive across town, Keaton used the rest of her words for the day on me.  This was a snippet of our conversation: Keaton-"Where did that wood go?" Me-"Remember, Bro. Dave came and picked it up a few days ago." Keaton-"Why didn't he wear his thing?" (while pointing to her face) Me-(after much confusion) "His microphone?" Keaton-"That girl that comes to our house to show us how to cook lives with him." (Louanne) And Keaton continued with "Wonder why his momma named him Brother?"
  • As we sat counting trucks while waiting on the others to arrive, we saw the church buses pass by.  Robby had made lemonade for me to pour when the first bus arrived and minutes later, I was passing out drinks as the kids loaded into the van.  A stranger kid even tried to get in the van-second time lately this has happened to us.
  • Then we were off to pick up Graham and he was mighty panicked when he didn't see any lemonade for him (I had plenty though.)  After we had arrived home, I was home for about 10 minutes and then I was out the door again-bunko night for me and sleepover for Keaton.
  • Super Dad already had supper ready and tacos were being served as I walked out the door.  The girls played xbox some and even went outside.  Then Robby suggested Sonic shakes so the kids quickly took him up on the offer.  
  • After Sonic, the kids all had showers and they were put to bed.  Tomorrow is day 3 of camp so these people all need their rest!

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