June 5, 2016

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  • Whitman was the first one up and knocked continuously on his door until I went to let him out.  When I was about to open the door, I asked "who is it?" He quickly replied, "Momma, let me out of here." Then he told me to get out of that (my bed) and that it is was wake up time.
  • Robby helped put his clothes on him and soon Graham was asking me which set of clothes were his.  By this time, I was in the shower and when he asked, I said "Graham is green" meaning that he had the green shirt.  This must have confused him greatly because he would repeat it back to me, asking "I am green?"  I was already finished with my shower when the boy finally understood that yes, he was supposed to put on the green shirt.
  • Robby fed everyone and soon we were all rushing to the car.  Robby had to be at church a few minutes early to practice for the Lord's Supper.  Because of this, he was also wearing a coat and this caused all kinds of confusion with the kids since they have not seen him wear a coat in years.
  • Since Robby was sitting elsewhere serving the Lord's Supper, I was alone with the kids during church.  Things were going splendidly until the end-I had to separate Graham and Campbell and briefly thought of sending them out for their father to deal with.  I wonder if the sweet old ladies behind me could hear me reprimanding my kids during the last few songs.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house-sandwiches which we all loved.  Then the kids played Wheel of Fortune (their new game from Savers) until it was time to head home.  Once at home, Robby ran off to help move a fridge for a friend.  I had just laid down on the floor to rest when the kids turned on an interesting tv show so I moved to the couch to watch some of it.
  • Once Robby returned, I just had a bit of time before I had to leave for a meeting at church.  While I was meeting, Robby and the kids went down the road to swim at a friend's house.  We had been wanting to go and see their house since they are handy and have redone practically all of the inside of their home.  
  • After the kids swam for an hour or so and we were given the tour of their entire home, we headed home.  The Wilsons came over for hamburgers and the fixings.  The kids all enjoyed playing but I do think that they enjoyed the popcorn and then ice cream much more than anything else this evening-I do know that the grownups enjoyed the ice cream.
  • Once the Wilson's left, we picked up and the kids went to bed and it was so late that we didn't even have ourselves another bowl of ice cream before we went to bed.

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