June 17, 2016

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  • Friday morning and I had to wake up my girls to eat breakfast.  We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and I do think that is the only reason that I was able to convince them (especially Reagan) to come down the stairs.
  • After we ate our breakfast, the kids started on their school.  Anderson started division with 3 digits (488/2).  Dividing with 2 digits wasn't a problem for him and even though I covered the 3rd digit up with a post it note until he was ready to work with it, with all of his crying and groaning you would have thought that I was making him do school work in the middle of summer!
  • We then went outside to fill out a worksheet about a tree and also one about clouds.  That didn't take too long so we spent the rest of our time working on Father's Day presents.  I should have been working on my project but I was overseeing the kids all painting with a zillion colors of paint.  Even Whitman got in on the act today-Reagan is really my only kid that I can leave unattended with paint.  Anderson doesn't paint-he is more of a card maker.  Graham is just as bad as the girls-everything he does is fast and messy.
  • I didn't give the kids lunch and instead just passed out packages of crackers as we headed to see Beebee.  She was happy to see us and we gobbled up all of her candy.  The kids spent most of their time watching Whitman use Beebee's grabber to take their shoes off and hand them to her.  After Whitman was able to return all of the shoes to everyone, we loaded up for the pool.
  • I knew that we were going to only be at the pool for a bit less than 2 hours.  We were going to leave in about 30 minutes when the lifeguards blew their whistles.  Then they shouted "lightening" and the weather was dark far, far away.  The lightening would mean at least 20 minutes out of the pool, so we loaded up and headed to Tropical Smoothie for a free smoothie.  The kids were very pleased with their drinks until they tasted them-it wasn't too great of a commercial for them since 5 out of 6 Dennie kids didn't like theirs.
  • We then dropped Reagan off at Grannymom and Grandpa's house for the night.  They had plans to go and find some excitement and we headed home.  Our plans changed slightly on the way home and ended up eating catfish with the Wilsons.  We ordered way too much food but it sure was delicious.  Then we stopped at the store for some speed shopping while picking up some ice cream for dessert.
  • We didn't get in to late, late and the kids went right to bed.  Robby really encouraged everyone to stay in bed until after 8-it won't ever happen! 

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