June 3, 2016

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  • Robby nor I slept very well last night.  I had dream after dream and most of them involved me waking up late or having to hurry off to some event but thankfully I woke up in plenty of time this morning and didn't have to hurry at all.  After I was ready, I silently went up to wake Anderson up in time so that he could have breakfast.  He told me that he didn't want anything to eat and would eat when we came back but he did want to play his kindle so that is what he did until it was time to leave.
  • Graham and Campbell were just coming down the stairs when we were leaving and we were able to wave at them on our way down the driveway.  I had never been to an endodontist before but there is always a first.  I have also never had an appointment for 7:30 in the morning but there is also always a first.  The lady was very nice, took xrays and thoroughly checked Anderson's teeth.  Fairly good news in that she didn't want to do anything today.  The root of his tooth is not fully developed so hopefully if there is any damage it will heal.  We have to watch it fairly closely and return in 3 weeks for a recheck. And again, Dr. Jolley called to check on Anderson today and was pleased that he wasn't in much (if any) pain.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came to the house this morning to watch everyone while Robby headed on in to work. But we were home before Robby left but they still stayed to enjoy doughnuts which they brought to help us celebrate National Doughnut day. 
  • When they left, Anderson decided that he was going to leave with them.  It was his turn to spent the night at Grannymom's house and last night during his ordeal, all he could ask was "am I still going to get to spend the night at Grannymom's house?"  I assured him that of course he would if he felt like it and he sure did.  He spent some time today playing his kindle and catching fish with Cash today.  Anderson even caught a fish which Grannymom cooked for supper. (oh, I am kidding about that part-but he did catch a fish.)
  • This morning we really didn't do a whole lot around here.  The kids helped me with chores and I spent quite a bit of time pulling out school work for next year.  (Yes, I know that I have a problem  and this is the reason that my friends laugh at me but Dennie school for 2016-2017 will be all completely ready by the end of this month)
  • We had lunch and then loaded up to go and see Beebee.  She was happy to see all of us and the kids were relatively calm.  Anderson is never a problem there but just having one less kiddo makes things easier.  Beebee was in a good mood and the kids were also in a good mood as they stuffed their faces full of candy.  And to their delight I also stopped by Sonic on the way home so everyone could have a drink.
  • The kids played outside some this afternoon but they were mostly inside.  I tried to get on the treadmill but couldn't get the tv to work-sometimes there are just too many remotes (first world problems!) So I joined the kids in their binge watching of a cooking competition.  We continued to watch that show through supper.
  • After supper, Robby took the 3 littles to the store and to Krispy Kreme to help conclude the celebration of National Doughnut day.  Reagan and Graham watched a movie with me while I also baked a few loaves of bread.  I wasn't too pleased with the batch of blueberry banana bread so I made a batch of cinnamon amish bread which so far is looking very good.  

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