June 23, 2016

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  • Well, we did it!  We had toast today!  Now, I will say that since Robby was working from home today, he was able to help serve up the toast for us.  I was still scrambling trying to get my girls' hair done-seriously, God knew that we would never be anywhere on time if I had 6 girls.
  • We were on time again today and my big kids are in such a hurry to get to their classes that they speed walk down the hall to check in.  Campbell was also excited today and walked herself to class-it was water day for her little group and she was thrilled with this.  Keaton helped Whitman put in his offering outside of his classroom today and then they both went to class happily.  
  • Things were splendid today until I went to pick up my Whitman.  He happily helped me gather his papers and then went back to the now empty offering bucket.  His "coins" weren't there anymore and he was devastated.  He did not want to leave without his "coins" and cried and cried. I tried to explain that the money was so boys and girls could have medicine and that didn't work.  I tried to explain that the money was for Jesus but that didn't work.  I tired to explain that the money was an offering but that didn't work.  I finally just promised him more coins when we got back in the car.
  • Once everyone was in the car, we headed to Pops' house to eat lunch.  Nonna had lunch ready for us and the kids gobbled it up before we changed our clothes and loaded up for the pool. Graham was so tired this afternoon that he didn't even want to swim but he did manage to swim for a good while.  We just stayed for 2 hours and then we headed home.  
  • I had big plans for the kids to help me pack and clean when we came home but they were so tired and pitiful that I thought they just needed some quiet time.  So they all rested while watching a few movies and playing their kindles.  They ate supper and then everyone was full of energy when they saw the neighbors outside.  
  • Pops came to stay with my tired kiddos while Robby and I ran to the store and Keaton went to a playdate with her friend Evelyn.  They had lots of fun-painted, played outside, popped poppies and put stickers on paper!  (notice all of those Ps-I worked hard on that!)  Robby and I did some speed shopping at the grocery store-2 buggy fulls!  That is probably why we should not go to the store by ourselves!
  • Back at home, Whitman and Pops had been watching movies inside while everyone else was playing outside with the neighbor kids when we arrived home.  By the time we had unloaded the car, the neighbors had to go in and the kids started cycling through the showers.  I told the kids to pull out their clothes for tomorrow and then they could get into bed or help me pick up around the house (I had no takers for picking up!)
  • Tomorrow is the last day of VBS and all of my people are excited about the day.  Will be a fun day!

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