June 12, 2016

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  • It was a bit different waking up this morning with no kiddos in the house.  We slept as late as we could this morning and then jumped up and quickly got ourselves ready for church.  On the other side of town, Dana was not laying in bed until the last minute since she was busy feeding, packing up and getting all of the kiddos ready for church this morning.  
  • When we arrived at Dana's house everyone was dressed ready and their bags were packed.  We might just let her have the kids every Saturday night.  We had both cars and I filled up the back of Robby's car with all of the kids bags and then when we arrived at church, the car seats from the van were also shoved in the back of his car.
  • I did manage to snag a verse from Philippians today-my bit of money helped translate one verse of the book of Philippians into a dialect spoken in Jharkhand, India.  You always hear of people that do not have a copy of the Bible and we can't imagine that but there not even being a Bible in your own language is just unimaginable.  So we had a small part in getting the Bible into the hand of everyone which was a definite highlight of the day.
  • Robby drove our van to help chauffeur Reagan's Sunday school class on their class outing.  They went to eat pizza and then had a tour of a fire station.  The highlight was getting to slide down the fire pole-Robby even joined the 4th graders and went down the pole (how often do you get to do that?)
  • Meanwhile, I met Grannymom, Grandpa and Dana for Sunday lunch at the park and then the pool.  We ran to Grannymom's house to change first and then met up with everyone else.  Grannymom had lunch and soon we were swimming away.  The weather looked threatening but it held and the kids were able to swim until time to leave...I probably could have stayed a few minutes longer but since Whitman had been crying for about 30 minutes, I thought it was time to go. 
  • It is definitely summer time and we have been staying up late, late around here and that combined with partying at Dana's last night, my little boy was tired, tired and it showed.  He usually falls asleep on the way home but he didn't this afternoon so he was put to bed.  I had stopped making him take naps since he would climb out of his bed but he did fine today and since he really, really needs a nap maybe I should start that back.  Wonder if I could start back naps for everyone?
  • We were all home for a bit of the afternoon and then we loaded up to grab supper and pick up Grannymom and Grandpa for the Flag Day concert by the Wind Symphony.  It was a perfect evening for a picnic supper and some music.  They were passing out ice cream when we arrived so we had some of that before eating our hamburgers.  The Corvette club was also there so the kids all picked out their favorite cars.  Just as they were playing their final song, it started to sprinkle.  Whitman didn't want to get wet so he saw a gazebo across the parking lot. He started telling me that he wanted to go under there to stay dry and before I realized it, he was going under there to stay dry.  I caught up with him and we stayed dry together for a bit before joining the others.
  • Once we came home, everyone had showers and then it was bedtime-we haven't heard the girls yet but the boys still seem to be going strong.  Cash is spending the night with us so the boys are all in the bonus room but we still hear them up there.  Hopefully they will rest well tonight...and sleep in!

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