March 11, 2017

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  • Whitman "quietly" snuck into our room this morning to take Robby's ipad so he could play it with Anderson. Nothing about Whitman on a Saturday morning is quiet. I bit later Anderson came in to ask if they could get their breakfast and go up and play the xbox upstairs.  Then I could hear Anderson getting Whitman's breakfast too.
  • I can only imagine them both walking up the stairs carrying their breakfast and then finding Robby laying on the couch upstairs. He headed upstairs early this morning when he couldn't go back to sleep-not because of my snoring!
  • Robby wasn't around too long because he soon had to head to church for an Upward meeting. I let the kids pick out their own breakfasts while Graham was across town making and eating his own monkey bread.
  • We did some chores around here but mostly the kids vegged out today and relaxed on this dreary Saturday. When Robby came home, we helped him unload from the grocery store and then we had leftover pizza for our lunch.
  • Jason came over to take Anderson, Keaton and Campbell to the Lego even at Barnes and Noble. Graham was busy at the Children's Theater with Grannymom. Reagan and Whitman, our tv watchers, were watching a few shows while Robby and I sorted through stuff from his desk at work.
  • We watched the Hogs and then Jason brought back the kids, Grannymom and Grandpa brought Graham back next. By this time, Robby had already changed the clocks and everyone was told that bedtime was near.
  • We did decorate our sugar cookies that we made yesterday. We still have some things to figure out (mainly the icing with too thick) but everyone did really well and had fun even thought I was a sticky mess by the time we finished. I think that we will even try again with some Easter cookies.
  • Robby made sandwiches for supper after we had finished cleaning the kitchen from that mess. We all capped off supper with a cookie; they didn't taste too bad at all. Then Whitman went on to bed. He enjoys going to bed early when we tell him that he can turn on his traffic signal. Then everyone else watched a cooking show and now I believe that we will have to try our hand at making volcano cakes like they did on that show.

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