March 4, 2017

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  • It wasn't too long after 7 this morning when boys started coming in here asking for breakfast. If we would have thought a bit faster, we should have rolled over and just gone back to sleep. But we talked to them so they kept coming back again and again. Eventually, they were able to break Robby and he told them to go and get their shoes on. So all the boys loaded up and went to buy us some doughnuts.
  • Keaton was still soundly sleeping upstairs. I picked up around the house and then started to worry that she was going to come downstairs to a quiet and empty house. I was a bit afraid that this would scare her so I sat down in the kitchen to work on a few lists while I waited for her. Before I could even get started, down the stairs she came.
  • She sat with me for a bit and then I printed her out a coloring page (her new favorite thing to do). We met the boys in the garage and soon we were all eating breakfast. Campbell ended up coming home with Robby and the boys so she ate with us.
  • It wasn't too long after than when the kids headed outside and they didn't return until 6 when we called them in. Robby went to a funeral and when he came back home, I headed out to the grocery store. We kept thinking that they would show back up asking for food at some point but no one came.
  • Anderson came home one time to ask if they could ride on the four wheeler.  He quickly added that the neighbor Dad would be driving. I said that they could and everyone did have a ride. Keaton came home to go to the bathroom at least once. Graham came in to get his binoculars and that is just about all that we saw of the kids.
  • Whitman stayed inside and we worked and worked on his marble track. We put up the one from yesterday and pulled out another marble track for him to play with. He played with it for a long time and even watched a few Bob the Builders. At one point, he went upstairs and played up there for a few hours-he was playing Batman.
  • Nonna and Pops brought Reagan home and the others did appear briefly to greet their sister. She had vests for the girls and necklaces (Nonna and her hit a sale at Dillards (90% off) that was better than the sale at Kroger (80% off) that Grannymom and I had shopped at.) Reagan was genuinely excited to see everyone and pass out some candy.
  • When we told Graham at 5:30, that they were going to have to come inside in a few minutes, he acted like he had just walked outside and didn't act at all like he had been outside for over 7 hours. Our goal each day is to let our kids stay out longer than the neighbors-we don't want to have to be the bad guys! I was just about to start calling them home when they started walking down the street. 
  • They quickly showered and soon the Wilsons were here for supper. Robby had bbq and I made beans and heated up the corn. For dessert, I shoved a frozen apple crisp in the oven (it was my last one from the freezer-I hope that I can find the recipe again.) The kids mostly had ice cream for dessert and did miss out on the cobbler. 
  • It was pretty evident that the kids did play hard today-Campbell was sound asleep by the side of the couch when the Wilsons left and no one complained about getting into their beds. We didn't either!

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