March 29, 2017

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  • I was still getting myself ready this morning when Keaton came downstairs and said that she didn't feel well. She thought she was going to be sick and she is usually pretty accurate about that. I continued getting dressed while stepping over her as she laid in the floor of my closet.
  • The boys had been up early this morning with nothing to do since they couldn't play their ipads and they had no initiative to work on school since we weren't doing school today. This led to a bit of boredom but once they were redirected to putting on their clothes and Wednesday morning trash cans things started going more smoothly.
  • Campbell and Reagan were soon up as well and getting dressed. The kids ate their breakfast while I emptied the dishwasher and made lunch for today. Keaton did walk in and eat half a piece of cheese. She felt a bit warm and was still puny so I called Nonna to see if she wanted a guest for the day.
  • I thought that I had been training my people to help load the car on Wednesday mornings but I guess my lessons have not yet stuck. At what age do you start thinking things like, "Oh, I see my bag laid out on the bench, I should take it to the car as I get in" or even better things like, "Oh, I see our ice chest full of lunches, I should take it to the car as I get in." All that people were thinking today was, "My said to get in the car but I will shoot a few hoops first." I would have been a bit more frazzled about this if I didn't have my Wednesday morning bagel to eat.
  • We dropped Keaton off at Nonna's house. She went right to Nonna's couch and laid down. Nonna fed her a few things but said that she was still a bit quiet and puny most of the day. Most everyone has some type of cold/allergy stuff going on so I am sure that is what she probably has as well.
  • After dropping Keaton off, I turned onto 430 and traffic was crawling. Gracious, I thought we would never get to Bible study but we still made it. Graham was thrilled to be bringing his snack today and the others were quick to find their classes. I told Keaton's teachers that she wouldn't be there today and then I headed on to my class.
  • When Bible study was over, we headed to the park. We were there about 15 minutes when Anderson started complaining about his eyes. I tried to rinse them with water and that did help for a bit. April was meeting me to pick up some chairs so we had to stay a bit longer. I told Anderson that he could sit in the car with the air on and maybe that would help. It really didn't but after April came we loaded up. By that time, Graham's eyes were red too.
  • I beelined to the first Walgreens and ran in to pick up some eye drops. I wasn't sure if we had any or how new it was, and it seems like this year we might just need quite a bit of eye drops. That helped some and so did cookies at Nonna's house. We stayed a bit over there as we heard all about her trip. 
  • Then we headed home with our Keaton. I worked on the boys' clothes changeover as Keaton napped in the living room. It wasn't too much longer until Whitman was also asleep in my bedroom. The kids did play outside for a bit this afternoon as I kept a close watch on my email.
  • The church ended up cancelling church just in case their was severe weather tonight. Thankfully, there wasn't any weather during church time and it was a wonderful break. The kids weren't happy about missing church but I sure was. We have something every single night this week and tonight being cancelled just made my giddy.
  • The kids came in wen the neighbors had to go home. Everyone showered and we heated up hamburgers for supper. After our hamburgers, we cleaned the kitchen and then watched a kids baking show before heating to bed. Anderson is stuffy, Graham and Reagan are coughing, Keaton is still puny and Campbell is a combination. Whitman will cough occasionally too just so he doesn't feel left out! Hope we get some sleep around here!

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