March 15, 2017

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  • Wednesday morning and for some reason I feel like I am the only one in this house affected by the time change. I did have to urge the kids to put on their clothes and start on their chores. Campbell was still trying to pick out her shirt when it was almost time for us to leave this morning. We were out the door 10 minutes later than usual but since we always arrive early, we were right on time today.
  • Bible study was very good today and afterwards we went to Rock Creek to play. It was pretty quiet there even with our crew. The kids had a good time playing but they were ready to head home. The neighbors were out playing when we arrived home so people were jumping out of my car before I was even in the garage.
  • Whitman stayed inside with me and the first thing that I had to do was build him a marble track. This took a long while and as soon as I had finished, he wanted me to build him another one. I told him no-I still had to unload the car, put things away and I hadn't even been to the restroom yet. He was not happy at all with my answer.
  • While he was crying, I finished my chores so then I held him until I thought that he was going to fall asleep. I tried to convince him to lay down but that idea seemed ridiculous to him. The kids were in and out of the house this afternoon. 
  • Every time Anderson came in the house, Whitman would ask him, "Do you want to play with me?" Anderson would sit near him for a bit and play for a second before running outside. At Rock Creek, Anderson and Graham, but mostly Anderson, played with Whitman the entire time. Whitman remembered this and that is why he continued asking for Anderson to play with him.
  • Before I knew it, it was time for us to turn around and head back to church. I made grilled cheese sandwiches as I called the kids in to eat. This was bring a friend night for the big 4 (and crazy sock night for the little 2) so they were given free pizza at church. I didn't figure that would be enough so that is why I did supper too.
  • I was given the week off from my job tonight so after dropping the kids off, I had planned on going to the old folk service but they were already listening to the sermon when I made it back so I couldn't sneak in. I ended up in the sanctuary listening to the orchestra for a bit and then I moved on to sitting in Reagan's preteen service (which was very, very good-reminded me of SWAT back in the day.)
  • Soon it was time to pick everyone and we were headed back home. The kids had showers and then it was bedtime for them after our Bible story. I heated up some Chinese food for me before settling in to do the blog.

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