Spring Break Trip 2017-March 21, 2017

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When we were ready this morning, Graham, Campbell and Whitman went downstairs with me to eat breakfast and Robby and the others were there very shortly. This morning’s breakfast was probably the best yet. It was my favorite because they had flavored bagels and strawberry cream cheese. I was also hoping that one of the kids tried an apple cinnamon waffle but there were no takers for that. The kids ate and ate-they actually ate so much at breakfast that I am questioning if we have to feed them for the rest of the day.

Loading up didn’t take anytime at all today and soon we were on our way to the Ft. Smith National Historic Site. We had left our parks pass at home so Robby had to pay admission for me and him. We watched the movie about the fort and Judge Parker. Then we walked around the exhibits-locking people in the jail was a favorite for my kiddos. They also had a replica of the courtroom and the the gallows outside that we walked through.

After stamping our books, we walked on the trail down by the river. We were able to see the Arkansas River and part of the Trail of Tears. The trail was .7 miles but you would have thought we had made Whitman walk 7 miles. Once back in the car, we all did have a drink to cool us off. The weather was warm but not nearly as warm as yesterday.

The kids watched a movie in the car as we headed home while I tried to read all of the magazines that I had brought to read on the trip and did not and worked on my list for this next week.We listened to our book for a bit and then we were near Russellville and you can’t just drive past Whataburger without stopping. So we stopped and all had our lunch-burgers and shakes for everyone. We did order way too many fries and brought them home to add to our last night’s leftovers.

Then Anderson picked the movie and we were zooming closer to home. I tried to convince Robby to stop a few different places on the way home but he didn’t take my suggestions-Arkansas Wine Trail, Tacos for Life in Conway, Buffalo River, anywhere-there is nothing sadder than the last day of a trip!

On the way down the road, the kids saw the neighbors so they were very anxious to help put everything up. I used that to my advantage and soon the car was unloaded and everything except for my bag and Robby’s bag had been emptied and put away. As soon as I said that we were done, they were out the door and down the street.

The kids then mostly stayed outside until nearly 7. They did come in for a little bit and worked on Lego movies but were soon back outside. The neighbor Dad and Mom did walk down for a bit-he played basketball with the kids and I visited. While they were here, we did talk about our March Madness brackets. He was trying to think of a specific team's name and Reagan was the one who was able to name the team that he was thinking about. I couldn't believe it-just doing those silly brackets has caused her to be more interested in the games.

The kids did come inside just as Shannon was arriving. They had their showers while Shannon and I looked through cookbooks and planned our freezer cooking day. Tony and Brett soon arrived and we all dug into the ice cream. The kids had multiple bowls full but we didn't since we are trying to watch our figures (or possibly because Robby had already put it back in the freezer.)

The Wilsons were around long enough for us to plan a few road trips and then they had to leave-it was nearly 11. We soon put the kids to bed and everyone seemed to be pretty happy to not be in a hotel. Even though they are in bed late, my crew will still probably be up early, early. We have only one thing to do tomorrow-clean the house so there is no reason to wake up early!

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