March 3, 2017

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  • I am fairly sure that my boys wake up before 7 and just stare at the clock until it is time for them to come downstairs. I did overhear this morning that Graham crawled in Whitman's bed this morning-no wonder Whitman has started waking up early.
  • Reagan is usually my sleeper but not so today. She was up later than the others but Keaton was the last one awake. I had already been upstairs to turn off the boys fan and open their blinds. I had thought about waking her up but she never gets a chance to sleep in during the week so I just let her sleep.
  • The kids found themselves breakfast-we finished off the last of our mini bagels and all of the boys had pumpkin muffins. Whitman thought he was something else getting to eat a "cupcake" for breakfast.
  • Then we started on school and since today was Friday things went pretty quick. Campbell left with Grannymom and Grandpa. They headed downtown to pick up Grannymom's race packet and see the sights. Campbell was very happy to be able to hold a baby goat while they were there. 
  • I was able to finish a few chores before lunch (including checking to see who all we needed to buy soccer shoes for). Lunch was warming up when Nonna came to pick up Reagan for her night out. 
  • We had really talked up Keaton being the only girl here and I had thought that she was pretty excited about it. However, before I knew it, she had packed her own bag. She had told me that she was going to spend the night in the boys' room but when Nonna showed up, Keaton tried her best to sneak out of this house. 
  • Keaton made it to Nonna's car with her bag. When I called her back, she was pitiful as she drug her bag back to the house crying. Now, I could have asked Nonna to take her to and she would have been happy to do so but the phrase "we do not negotiate with terrorists" kept coming to my mind. When she came in, I took her upstairs and we made her a spot to sleep in the boys' room tonight. This made her pretty happy and she soon forget that she was all alone (her words-not mine since I was here along with her 3 brothers.)
  • Anderson and Graham were quick to go outside this afternoon and the neighbor boys were also out. They all played outside until we left for supper. Keaton definitely wasn't all alone since she stayed right with those boys. I asked once if she was fine and reminded them to take care of her-they must have been pretty sweet to her since she stayed out all day with them, she delivered their snacks in her bike basket and they even let her be an honorary member in their club. She even knows their secret code.
  • Whitman and I read a few books today, watched a movie or two and build a countless number of marble tracks. Late in the afternoon, I went out to call the kids in and they were already on their way home.
  • We loaded up and headed to go and eat out. We headed to the new Tacos for Life but since we didn't know where it was, it took us a long, long while to find it. Then we saw the line out the door and decided to just wait to eat there. So we went to Cracker Barrel but the bus load of people in the gift shop made us decide to skip it as well.
  • We finally ate at Senor Tequila. We still had to wait a bit for a table but once seated, the food came fairly quickly. We all ate our weight in chips and everyone enjoyed their food. Our grand plans had been to go the grocery store on the way home, but we were all too tired from our restaurant finding trek and too full from our supper to do any shopping.
  • Once at home, we watched a documentary about the Great Smokey Mountains-it was good but Whitman fell asleep first. I took him and Keaton upstairs and they both settled in the floor of the girls' room. When I came back a bit later to check on them, they were both sound asleep-it looked like they hadn't moved at all.
  • I started dozing next during the show followed by Graham who could hardly keep his eyes open. We did sent those boys to bed at 10 and they thought they had stayed up crazy late!

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