March 25, 2017

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  • At 2 this morning the lights came back on. This usually wakes us up but tonight we also have some new something that sings a little song when the power is turned on-we aren't sure what made that noise but it was a pleasant wake up. Robby did the walk through turning off lights and making sure that everyone was still sleeping.
  • No one really stirred until after 8 this morning. Robby went to get doughnuts for breakfast and the boys were the only ones awake then. By the time he returned everyone but Keaton were awake.
  • Whitman went to sleep in his bed last night but we moved him to our room when the power went off because he was sleeping alone in his room since the boys were in the bonus room. I didn't want him to wake up in the middle of the night and be alone and in the pitch dark. So when he did wake up in our room, he came and told me, "I went to bed in my room and then I dreamed and I dreamed that I was in your room and then I was."
  • The kids devoured the doughnuts once Robby brought them home. They played inside for a good bit of the morning but then they headed outside to play. They did play inside some but were mostly outside.
  • The Wilsons came over at some point and we worked on adding letters to her new sign. I baked some potatoes and later in the afternoon they returned and we ate potatoes and corn (yes, two starches but we had cleaned the freezer earlier in the day and the pantry is getting low.)
  • Before lunch, which happened around 2 or 3, Robby and I moved every single piece of furniture in our living room except for the couch and the piano. I am pretty pleased with how things are looking. I do know that my garage sale money will be used for accessories for around here.
  • We worked on Shannon's next sign after lunch and spent some time on figuring out her cricut. At some point today, Tony stapled my 6 little signs that the girls and I made (they are the cutest little things).
  • Shannon ran home to clean out her fridge and bring over some food for supper and Robby found some pizzas and soon we were all eating supper along with an apple pie for dessert. I couldn't have been more excited because after finishing Shannon's project, we played my Ticket to Ride game, which I have been waiting to play since my birthday.
  • Robby was the winner of the game but the kids thought they were all winners because they stayed up well past 10 watching a movie and eating ice cream! They were some tired kids tonight and I am sure that they will be exhausted in the morning during church!

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