March 24, 2017

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  • Whitman slept fine last night and so did the rest of us. Graham was up at his regular time but without Anderson around this morning, I think that he was a little bit bored. He came in our room and laid down beside me long enough to ask if he could play the xbox. I told him that he could and he was off.
  • Later in the morning, I had already seen Reagan and even spoken to her but I went upstairs to do something and it looked like she was still laying in her sleeping bag. I walked closer to see who was laying down and discovered that that little stinker shoved pillows in her sleeping bag and then put an American Girl doll near the top with her dark hair sticking out so it would look like Reagan's hair. Hope that isn't a sign of things to come.
  • Campbell was outside in the driveway working on a craft/Christmas project with me (the year is a third over already so yes, working on Christmas is now acceptable.) She painted, I painted, Keaton woke up and stumbled outside and painted. We finished what we could do of her project and started on Reagan's project. She painted, I painted, it was a painting kind of day.
  • I did the laundry and that was about the only thing that did happen productive in this house today. The kids went outside to play with the neighbors and everyone stayed outside until 6ish or even later. 
  • Reagan and Campbell finished their projects and they are just absolutely adorable-I could probably even sell them. Robby spent his morning and afternoon and even some of the evening working on his workbench. He took everything out and cleaned it out. If you told him that you needed a 5/16th washer, a 2/20th drillbit, a spark plug and bicycle pedal he could run out there and grab it in seconds. (I did just make those things up but that whole area is cleaner than it has ever been.)
  • Once we finished his chore, we came inside to clean up before letting the kids come in. The neighbor is spending the night so my boys were pretty excited.  After everyone had showers, we sat down for quesadillas, rice and chips. The kids ate up and then had a few minutes to play.
  • After a bit, I pulled out the ice cream and everyone gobbled up a bowl full and enjoyed putting toppings on it. My Campbell loves her some sprinkles. Around 9, we let the boys start a Star Wars movie. The girls are upstairs watching it too but I doubt that will last too long. Whitman is down here watching a movie with me and Robby is watching the news in his office. 
  • My plan is to take Whitman to bed when his movie is over and then I may doze on the couch until it is grown up ice cream time!
  • As I was tucking Whitman in bed tonight, he told me that God and Jesus see us all of the time. I agreed. Then he added in disgust, "I want to go to heaven, not Hawaii, ugh."
  • Update: It's 12:45 a.m and the power is out. It went out around 11 just before the boys finished their movie so everyone was still up except Whitman. Lots of excitement and scrambling for flash lights. The boys watched the end of the Florida basketball game on Robby's phone. Then we all headed to bed. Boys are in the bonus room since neighbor kid is spending night. We ended up bringing Whitman to our room since he was in his room by himself - who knows when the lights will come on...estimated time is 6:00 a.m.

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