March 22, 2017

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  • The boys were pretty much up at 7 but I had no reason to get up early this morning. Campbell joined me in bed around 8ish and she did eventually go back to sleep. Soon Keaton and then Whitman joined us. We all stayed there for a few minutes until Whitman decided that he was starving.
  • Everyone found their breakfast and played their ipads for a bit. At 9:30, I told them that they had to work for 30 minutes on chores. Everyone was pretty agreeable since I made it clear that they would be done at 10, which is the time that the neighbors had planned on coming out. 
  • I kept my word and after 30 minutes of work, the kids were dismissed and out the door they all went. Soon the neighbors were all out and they played despite the chilliness in the air. Whitman started out playing outside but didn't last too long-he said that it was cold and came in.
  • The kids basically stayed outside from 10 until 5 today. They played basketball, ultimate frisbee, baseball and countless other games. Around 3, I did sent Whitman out again since the kids were back in our yard. He had been inside watching a movie this afternoon and coughed so much that it reminded me of the time that Anderson had his first asthma attack.  Once he was outside though, he didn't seem to cough too much.
  • I spent the afternoon finishing straightening the house and working on a few things around here. I did have to go outside at one point and tell the kids that the next time someone comes into the house to tattle one more time, then everyone is going to bed.
  • I had to call Reagan in to take a shower around 5 along with Keaton and Campbell. The little girls were getting to stay tonight but understood that they were too be my "kitchen help" and they were excellent kitchen help.
  • Reagan's friend, Grace, is moving to Florida so some of the girls got together tonight for a going away party. They had ice cream, a photo booth, made a picture with their fingerprints, played outside and even played a game inside.
  • The girls had a good time and so did the boys because they went out to Chick Fil A with Robby. Poor Whitman was coughing so much that he could hardly eat-so when he came home, he had a steamy shower and was put to bed (and is now sleeping soundly.) The boys came home before the girls left but they watched a few movies as the girls' friends left.
  • After everyone left, we picked up and then it was bedtime for my crew. I probably should have let them stay up a bit later than usual since it is still spring break, but I was tired!

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