March 28, 2017

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  • This morning was morning 1 of our "no ipad and no tv until 5 until kindness returns" day. No one really seemed to notice though today since we were busy the entire day. There was a bit of fussing so I did let the kids know that tomorrow would also be another day awaiting kindness. However, I still retain the right to end this no ipad/tv at any time and tomorrow afternoon might be the day since Wednesdays are such long days.
  • But this was a pretty long day as well-lots of fun but still long. The boys were awake early and started on their school work. Campbell and Reagan had also brought their school work upstairs fairly early this morning. I woke up Keaton and Whitman and brought them downstairs to get ready for school.
  • Soon they were heading out for the day and the rest of us started work on school. I had a few things I needed to do this morning so I didn't do my work with the kids (spelling, language...) It was pretty nice and I might could used to it. I was able to fold my laundry and make about 5 dozen muffins (some for Graham to take to Bible study tomorrow.)
  • The kids were mostly finished with school when we loaded up to go and pick up Keaton and Whitman. We also met Cate at church and she joined us for the rest of the day. Keaton had a wonderful day at school and was happy to head home for our afternoon with our homeschool buddies.
  • Now, Whitman on the other hand-I had already received a text about him from Ms. Jennifer. Apparently, after Whitman went to the bathroom he washed his hands. Instead of just washing his hands, he started to play in the water and ended up with a soaking wet shirt. Jennifer wrote and said that he got in trouble for this at school so I shouldn't get on to him at home. Bless, I could only laugh as he told me his story. He has become so animated when telling stories and this was an interesting one. He said, "I washed my hands and put them like this (showing me 2 cupped hands) and the water did this (waving his arms everywhere.) Then I had to sit on the thinking pillow and next time I won't do this (showing me his 2 cupped hands.)"
  • We were in the house for just a few minutes when the others started arriving. The kids played outside some but then we all did get to work with today's main task-stuffing Easter eggs for the Shack. We had over a thousand eggs to stuff and man, it was quite a task. It wasn't hard at all-the hard things was keeping those silly kids from eating all of the candy.
  • After we had finished the eggs, we had dessert. I had made a brownie cake for Whitman but also found out that Brodie shares Whitman's birthday. So we sang to both of them-Whitman wasn't too sure about everyone singing/shouting at him but he did enjoy blowing out his candles. 
  • And if you notice in the pictures, Whitman is in a dress shirt this afternoon. He washed his hands at home and again ended up with a wet shirt. I sent him to get a new one and he came back with a Sunday shirt. I tried to convince him to get another one but he would have none of it. So I buttoned him up and sent him on his way-Sunday shirt and all.
  • After dessert, we kicked the kids out and they stayed outside until after headed home. Alyssa Kate stayed here and after a bit, it was time for us to meet Kennedy and Kaleigh to complete Reagan's Christmas present. Reagan had asked for movie tickets for Christmas and Beauty and the Beast was the movie she picked. I brought in cokes and candy for the girls and bought a huge things of popcorn-they were perfectly happy and on the way home Reagan was trying to decide what she wanted to next year for her Christmas present.
  • The others were outside until after 6 again. Then they came in for showers and supper. We arrived home while they were watching a show. Reagan had her shower and then joined the others for a few minutes before it was bedtime for all the Dennies.

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