March 27, 2017

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  • The boys were up this morning when I went upstairs to wake up Keaton and Whitman. I opened the blinds in the girls' room and grabbed clothes for Keaton and then moved on to wake up Whitman. He is dead weight in the morning when I pull him out of bed. That poor sleepy boy! When I did mention that this was Pops' day, he was pretty excited about it.
  • We grabbed their breakfast and soon they were out the door with Robby. Keaton took a glow stick to school today since today was letter "G" day.  The rest of us started on our breakfasts and then went to work on school.
  • This was a bit of a difficult school day today-my Graham, the usual culprit, did just fine. Reagan distracted Campbell so that Campbell was still doing school at 4. Anderson did well and managed to finish his school before lunch.
  • Not only did school take a very long time but my people were so incredibly ugly to each other. I am not sure exactly why but gracious me. They earned no kindles and no tv until 5 each day indefinitely. Now when the kids told Robby this, they said that I had said no tv or ipads for forever. I am pretty sure that it not what I said but it will be the case until they can begin to be kind to each other again.
  • I made a brownie for Whitman's birthday for us to eat tomorrow. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman helped me sort the M&Ms for the top of the cake. After a bit of tv and playtime, the ugliness hit an all time high so I kicked the kids outside.
  • They stayed outside until after 7 when Robby finally called them home. I had already headed off to Bunko. Robby had everyone shower and then they went to work on pizza for supper. After supper they watched a Little Big Shots and then headed to bed.

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