March 17, 2017

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  • Most everyone woke up this morning with green on. I did catch Reagan "pinching" Whitman so I had to remind him that he did have green on under his clothes. He was quick to pull his undies and pants down both trying to show his sister that he did have on green underwear. Before I knew it, she was looking at me saying that I didn't have any green on. I had to point to her that I did have green on my shirt.
  • Since Robby was off today, I suggested that he fix breakfast this morning and he opted for doughnuts. He took Keaton, Whitman and Campbell to Krispy Kreme in hopes of coming home with some green doughnuts. They came home with doughnuts but our pitiful Krispy Kreme didn't have green ones. Thankfully, the color didn't matter because we devoured those doughnuts.
  • While they were picking up breakfast, the rest of us did some speed school. We weren't finished by the time they arrived but we did stop to take a break for breakfast. Then we were all back at school work.
  • By noon, everyone was finished and we were working on chores. We made sure that we finished in time to cheer on the hogs to victory. I did take the girls upstairs during halftime to pack their bags and then as soon as the game was over, the boys each went upstairs to pack-it is much easier packing with a boy than with a girl.
  • After the game, the kids migrated outside and the afternoon zoomed by. Around 5, a truck came to deliver a dryer-yes, the downstairs one is the one not working but we bought a dryer for the upstairs. Our dryer upstairs did work the other day but it has been sporadic for a long time now-one of the main reasons that we stopped doing laundry up there. It was past time since that dryer lived with Robby before the Gamble house. The big truck and the men delivering the dryer did provide some entertainment for Whitman this afternoon.
  • Anderson and I smoked Robby and Graham in a game of hoops (smoked might be an understatement) and then Robby started cutting the boys hair before everyone came in for showers. I emptied out the fridge for supper which worked out well and then we watched 2 little shows before bed.
  • While we were watching tv, Robby was working on his cord box (two nights or 28 nights-we still have 6 ipads, 2 phones, camera, 2 laptops and the list goes on.) In the cord box was the camera chip that he had "lost" on our big road trip last year. On our 25th night last year, this is what I wrote:
    • Robby and I spent a good deal of our sleeping time last night looking for his camera chip. It had been right on the bed before we started folding our laundry but somehow when he went to look for it, it was gone. He has others and the pictures are all on the computer but it was one of his newer fancy ones. We looked in the sheets, we looked in the now folded and put away laundry, we looked under kids, we looked everywhere we could possibly think of it but that thing has disappeared. We finally gave up and went on to bed.
  • And just imagine that silly camera chip was pretty much right where it belonged the entire time. I can now vividly remembering dumping out every single things in the kids bags looking through their laundry, moving kids around to see if they had rolled on top of it and taking the sheets off of our hotel bed. Gracious me! Trust me, Robby will be the one scooping up the ice cream tonight!
  • After our shows were over, it was time for the kids to head to bed. We did one next to last load of clothes before setting down for a few minutes before Robby and I get up to pack our little bags. Tomorrow is an early morning!

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