March 31, 2017

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  • Friday morning around here and the first movement (that I knew of anyway) was Robby getting ready for work. He headed out and soon the rest of us started working on breakfast. Then school was started.
  • Whitman was all into book this morning so both brothers read to him for their reading time. I think that they would rather read to Whitman than do anything else. I should figure out a way to use that to my advantage since Whitman could listen to stories all day long.
  • Keaton did get by without doing much work today. I keep thinking that I need for her to get used to being here during school and doing her big girl work for kindergarten but she is so happy just playing by herself or with Whitman so I let her. There is no reason to grow up before you have to.
  • My Graham was on a mission today-up early and already working on his work before I even mentioned school. He was finished pretty early this morning, packed his bag and then just waited. Nonna and Pops were having a garage sale today so they couldn't pick him up so after we did our work together and chores, we packed our lunch and headed to drop him off.
  • We took our lunch and ate while Nonna and Pops helped their garage sale shoppers. They didn't have too much business while we were there but the kids enjoyed playing with Nonna's neighbors. They played kickball, frisbee, rode the bile, went on a walk and played on the swingset and slide. We stayed for most of the afternoon until leaving Graham to spend the night.
  • Once at home, Anderson had some school work to finish and it is just amazing how quickly he can finish things in the afternoon-when he knows that the neighbors are our playing. Maybe I should just make him do his work in the afternoon. Campbell had some work to do as well but she got out of the house before I could catch her. It was just one page so she can finish hers quickly tomorrow.
  • The kids then played outside until almost 8. We finally had to call them in since we still had to go and pick up our pizza. Whitman had a shower right before we left and was almost asleep when we came home tonight. He did perk up enough to eat his pizza-but I am not too sure how awake he really was since he had a fit for socks, fell once and spilled his drink twice.
  • Afterwards, everyone else had showers and then we did let them stay up a bit late tonight (it is Friday after all) and watch the Bates before going to bed tonight.

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