March 23, 2017

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  • Things were going splendidly last night until about 3:30 when Whitman joined us. Grahammy had brought him down because he was coughing. I pulled him next to us and the boy continued to cough. I told Robby that he could go upstairs and he soon did.
  • That baby coughed and coughed. We tried Anderson's breather but that didn't really help. We sat in the bathroom with the shower on hot to breathe in the steam but that didn't really help either. By this time though, I guess that he was too tired to cough any more. He put his head on me and fell asleep. 
  • I woke up right at 8:03 and called the doctor to make an appointment for him. I text our 10:00 appointment time to Robby and didn't know anything else until Robby was waking Whitman and me up at 9:30. We were out the door so fast that I left my phone at home but there was no news to report since Whitman just has a cold or possibly allergies.
  • He was awfully cute at the doctor's office. They measured him and then weighed him and that is when he shouted out, "Three years old." I guess he though that needed that for his chart.
  • When we came back everyone was stirring around the house and some were thinking about going outside. We did a few things here and then the Wilsons asked if we wanted to go out to eat. So soon the kids were at Grannymom's house and we were out the door.
  • The kids took Wilson for a walk, played on their ipads, went to the creek, played soccer, ate and had a great time. We went to eat at Monkey Burger and then walked around looking at RVs. Robby has his eye on one now! Then we went to Painted Tree and then on to Home Depot to buy some wood so Tony could make Shannon a bowl and me a sign.
  • Pops went to Grannymom's house to pick up Anderson and when we picked up the kids, we dropped off Anderson's bag. Then I loaded up a few things and headed to the Wilson's house to supervise Tony cutting my signs. They are now all cut and I can't wait to make them! I have even enlisted Reagan and Campbell's help but that will be tomorrow's project!
  • Robby let the kids play at our house until the neighbors had to go in and then our crew had showers. Afterwards, they came to the Wilson's house with ice cream to celebrate the making of the signs! We were out way too late but it was a pretty great day!

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