March 2, 2017

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  • I am not sure but this morning seems so long ago-I can hardly remember who were the first ones to our room this morning. It was in fact Whitman and Graham. They had already been up for a while but Graham must have been hungry too because he joined Whitman on his daily pilgrimage to our room to ask for breakfast.
  • Soon Keaton and Whitman were grabbing their breakfasts and climbing into Robby's car. He dropped them off and the rest of us started on our school work. Everyone was working as fast as they could because today was a big day at the Dennie house.
  • After 5 plus years of not having cable and satellite and only having an antenna for our tv watching, we now have cable. We already watch too much tv but now we have unlimited channels-my kids didn't know what to do with themselves as Robby tried to find a show for us to watch before bed. The bill for our tv and internet had increased each month so now was the time to make our switch.
  • The worker man was here for a few good hours and the kids enjoyed spying on him. I figured that Whitman would give him a huge hug like he did to our guide at Central High the other day but I think that Whitman was too busy watching the Disney channel that the worker man had left on the tv.
  • About the time that I had lunch on the table, I realized that my people weren't in the house anymore. They were all outside and the neighbors were out. Keaton eventually rode back down and then delivered lunch to my people by putting it in her bicycle basket-that thing has really come in handy.
  • The kids were outside until we had to call them in right at 4 to load up for soccer evals. Whitman played outside some but then Reagan brought him home. I am not sure if Whitman was ready to come back or if Reagan was tired of having to watch him. Either way, he was happy to sit down and watch a few of his tv shows.
  • Soccer evals were today and since Robby had a shift working, we all went. After the kids had finished their evals (everyone but Whitman), they had plenty of time to run around and play. Reagan mostly stayed with Grace and they helped one station. Keaton and Campbell spent some time helping Robby at his station. I played soccer and frisbee with the boys until nearly the end and then they helped pick up when evals were complete. 
  • On the way home, we picked up Chinese for Robby, Anderson and me and McDonalds for everyone else. The McDonald kids ate on the way home and then they all showered while the rest of us sat down and ate our supper. We hadn't finished our chores from today so after we all ate and showered, we all worked on picking up this house.
  • It was a busy, busy day and my Keaton and Whitman barely made it upstairs before falling asleep. I hope that Keaton sleeps well tonight because she is already worried about both of her sisters being gone tomorrow night and sleeping in the room by herself. Large family problems-never having slept in a room alone!

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