March 5, 2017

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  • Graham crawled in our bed this morning a bit after 7 and he was fully dressed and ready for church. He may get up early but at least he went ahead and got himself ready for the day without anyone telling him to. The others were up soon and Robby passed out our leftover doughnuts from yesterday.
  • Soon we were heading off to church. My class was as lively as ever and the hour passed quickly. Then I headed off to worship care while Robby took the kids to big church. 
  • We had told the kids that we would have a picnic at a park today but unfortunately this silly rain messed that up. They seemed fine with it as we headed off to find some place to eat our Sunday lunch. Robby toyed with the idea of just driving to Hot Springs to eat at McClards but we opted for McAlisters.
  • We waited long enough to order and long enough for our food that we could have already been at McClards but our food was still delicious. We ate pretty much everything we ordered-that is always a win to me if we all clean our plates. 
  • Back at home, the kids settled in to watch a few movies this afternoon while Robby watched some tv and I napped. I was wide awake until he started watching a documentary and I fell asleep so fast that I barely got my computer closed before I started drooling on it.
  • We cleaned out all of the leftovers in the fridge for supper tonight. Surprisingly, Anderson, my non meat eater, was the only one who wanted the leftover BBQ from last night. We ended our leftover meal with leftover ice cream goodies. Our ice cream truck is getting a bit low but we still had ample treats for everyone.
  • Then we all settled in to watch one episode of Kids Baking Show before bedtime for the crew and ice cream for me!

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