March 16, 2017

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  • It took a bit longer than usual to get Keaton and Whitman ready for school this morning. I had washed Whitman's St. Patrick's Day shirt and went to pull it out of the dryer this morning. The clothes were still damp-that isn't too crazy odd so I pushed the button to start it again and nothing. Eeek! 
  • I went to his drawer and did find a green shirt with a basketball on it. Really, what could be better than a St. Patrick day and March Madness appropriate shirt rolled into one? Robby would say that a working dryer would be better than that.
  • Thankfully, we do have a dryer upstairs-though it only works 50% of the time. I took the laundry upstairs and hoped for the best. I divided the clothes up in small batches and thankfully that dryer did work. Robby called to schedule an appointment for the downstairs dryer (April was the first available) and then he went ahead and ordered a new dryer for upstairs (we need dependable.) Tonight we explained to the kids that a working dryer upstairs means they will soon be doing their own laundry (my goal is to work myself completely out of a job.)
  • Robby took the littles to school and I did school here. We were rolling today and I was able to finish a few things around here before heading to pick up Keaton and Whitman. On the way home, I stopped by Nonna to drop a few things off and I ended up dropping off 2 extra little things. Whitman wanted to stay and Nonna said that they could. They ended up going shopping and playing for a good long time.
  • Back at home, the others had finished school and I helped them finish chores as well. Then it was time for lunch. As soon as lunch was over, the neighbors were out so the kids headed out. They spent most of their time sitting in our garage in lawnchairs watching basketball. 
  • Robby, Reagan and I left to get gas for the cars while the others played. After Robby's tank was full, he headed home and Reagan and I headed to Kroger and then Kohls. We were able to pick her up a swimsuit and she was a happy, happy girl. My baby wanted a bathing suit with a shirt (My prayers for modesty have been heard.)
  • We were only home for a bit when Robby left with Reagan to pick up Keaton for the first soccer practice of the year. It wasn't too much longer when I left with the boys and Campbell. We picked up Whitman on the way and dropped off more stuff at Nonna's house. I then dropped off my car load and picked up another car load. The kids would have loved to have stayed for all of the practices but since it has become winter time, we headed home.
  • I threw my people in the showers and threw supper in the oven. When Robby came home with the others, they had speed showers and we were soon sitting eating tonight's manicotti. When the kitchen was clean, we moved to the living room for another round of sock ball! Reagan was the grand champion and she was very relieved because she was able to keep the family trophy. 

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