March 12, 2017

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  • Around 2 this morning, Robby started thrashing around in bed saying, "No! No!" I did what any good wife would do and kicked him hard. He then denied that he had caused any racket at all and tried to convince me that I was the one dreaming. 
  • We had just finished our debate when we heard little steps. I thought it was a someone upstairs until I heard them running down our hallway. In walked Whitman carrying his two bears. I knew that we still had plenty of night to go and offered for him to sleep on our floor. He looked at me and said, "I want to sleep in your bed." We relented and all 5 of us went on to sleep-us, Whitman and his two bears.
  • Surprisingly we all slept well even with the extra company in our bedroom and all too soon my alarm clock was beeping for us to get up. We started stirring even though by the time I hit snooze a few times, we all managed to leave dressed, fed and with a decently picked up downstairs.
  • We were able to see the grands and then the kids headed off to Sunday school. My class was happy today since I had popcorn for them to eat. Afterwards, we headed to big church. We had decided that we would sneak out around noon so we could catch most of the ballgame. (We usually aren't out of there until 12:15 or later.) Surprisingly, they did let us out of church early so we didn't have to sneak out...sneaking out with 7 people might have proven to be a bit difficult. 
  • I grabbed Whitman and we headed to Nonna's house for lunch. She had sandwiches and the kids ate in front of the tv watching the hogs. The kids probably should have stayed in front of the tv because the Hogs did better when they were watching. 
  • Even though the game didn't turn out like we had liked, it was still fun to get that far but it didn't change our afternoon plans-nap! Robby and I slept upstairs in the bonus room and when I did finally emerge, I realized that leaving 6 kids downstairs alone is a good way to wake up to a trashed house. 
  • After their movie was finished, they started cleaning up while I worked on the laundry and Robby vacuumed. Soon the house was clean and supper was being made. After we ate, Robby passed out the kids ice cream for the night. Then we watched a bit of tv before bedtime. Unfortunately, the time change has confused everyone and they don't seem to be too tired.

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