March 8, 2017

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  • I think that we are more productive from 7:30-8:30 on Wednesday mornings than we are in another day or time of the week. By 8:30, we had all brushed our teeth and put on clothes for the day. The kids had straightened their rooms and emptied all of the trash cans. The downstairs potties had been cleaned and the dishwasher was emptied. I made lunches and passed out breakfast. We all ate and loaded the car (my bag, Reagan's bag, Anderson's bag, Graham's bag, Campbell's bag, Anderson's classes snack, Graham's classes snack, 2 ice chests, my sweater, the camera, my water, my bagel, library books, papers to give to someone tonight and 2 items for Whitman and Keaton to donate tonight)
  • Other than my Wednesday bagel, my next favorite part on Wednesdays is sitting in the sanctuary at Immanuel for a few minutes before they start Bible study. It is quiet, the ladies are practicing for their opening song and I can relax a tiny bit from our crazy morning.
  • Graham said that his snack (3 bags of popcorn that we had covered in white chocolate and added m&ms too) were a hit and they must have been since he didn't bring any home. Anderson said that his classmates and teachers wanted the recipe for his chocolate chip pumpkin muffins so that must have meant that they like it.
  • We then headed with my group to a different park. The kids enjoyed playing at the park-Keaton did have to run home with one of her friend's mom so she could use their restroom. She came back telling me all about how her friend had her own room! We were the last ones to pull away from the park and even came home with Noah.
  • Once at home, the kids played on the xbox for a bit but then I did kick them all outside. They played and played outside. Whitman and I watched a few movies and when he put his head on my leg, I moved him and me to the couch and tried my best for him to take a nap-only one of us went to sleep (not him.)
  • Soon though he was wanting to go outside with everyone else. I let him go and they continued to play until I called them all in for super time. Noah had never had fish sticks so I thought that I better change that so we had those along with fries and some leftover corn. Then we jumped in the car for church tonight.
  • For some reason, I was later picking everyone up so I had to rush around the church house to gather my kiddos. Once at home, everyone showered and then I passed our supper big bowls of ice cream for some and ice cream sandwiches for others. And then it was finally bedtime!

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