March 26, 2017

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  • Sunday morning and I walked through downstairs at 7:50 opening blinds, putting toothpaste on toothbrushes while headed upstairs to wake up the crew. The only Dennie that I encountered was Graham. I told him to run upstairs and put on his church clothes, he took the blanket off of him to show me that he was indeed already dressed and ready for church. With this, he became my Sunday morning favorite.
  • I then went into the boys' room and laid Anderson some clothes on the floor and before I went back downstairs he was wearing those clothes and headed down. I went into the girls' room and laid out clothes for Keaton and Campbell (I don't dare pick out clothes for Reagan) and before I could leave the room, they had both told me that they didn't want to wear what I had picked out. I said that was fine but to put up the clothes I laid out and then to pick out their own clothes. Thankfully, they both managed to pick out acceptable clothes.
  • I did have to carry sleeping Whitman downstairs and laid him on my bed. I grabbed his clothes also and eventually Robby woke him up enough to put clothes on him. Robby passed out leftover doughnuts to most before we were soon in the car and headed to church.
  • We did the Grandparent walk by and then everyone headed to their Sunday school classes. My class had quite a few less kiddos today so that made things easier. Then on to church-the boys and Campbell were all sitting together with me next to them and then Reagan and Keaton followed by Robby on the end. The kids are usually good in church but I always get a bit nervous when I can't reach everyone to swat them on the head. I only had to do a little swatting today!
  • Then lunch at Nonna's house-baked ziti and chocolate cake. The kids enjoyed lunch and they enjoyed playing for a bit and then we headed home. The kids helped unload the car and then Robby had to work on getting their movies stared. 
  • Once he did, I made sure that everyone understood that we were going to take a nap...and if they came upstairs for any reason then they would also be napping with us. It was amazing-we heard no one until much later in the evening. 
  • We heated up leftovers for supper and pretty much cleaned out the fridge from yesterday's meals. Then we watched a few shows before putting everyone into bed-they are still a pretty tired crew! (They should have had a 3 hour nap like us!)

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