March 30, 2017

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  • I had set my alarm clock for a bit earlier than usual this morning but since I hit snooze repeatedly, it doesn't really matter. If I didn't have 2 kids that need to go to school and 4 kids that need to start on school each morning, I could hit that snooze button for hours. Actually, I wouldn't have to hit the snooze button because I wouldn't have the alarm set at all.
  • Keaton and Whitman were soon on their way to school. As they were leaving, I reminded Whitman that I didn't want for him to have to sit on the thinking pillow again today. At school, Ms. Jennifer asked him if he brought his extra shirt back (we did but he didn't know.) He told her, "I won't get wet again" and thankfully he did not.
  • Everyone here worked on their school work and Graham even said his Gettysburg Address to Robby earning himself a night out. He is debating what he would like to do for his reward and has a list of places.
  • I went to pick up Keaton and Whitman because I needed to pick up a few books from the library. Campbell has just started reading very, very short chapter books. She can read them fairly quickly and asked me to pick her up some more books today. I was able to do that and she was so excited.
  • Anderson was a bit put out with me while I was making lunch because I made him put down his ipad and go back and fix some of his work. It took him a few minutes but was still able to finish before lunch time. I made lunch and read to everyone as they ate.
  • Then we worked on our chores for a bit-I have almost switched over the big boys clothes to the summer clothes (just a bit more to do tomorrow.) After chores, the kids soon headed outside. Today was much cooler than the past few days but no one seemed to mind and soon everyone was outside.
  • They stayed out until Robby took Reagan and Keaton to their soccer practice. We weren't home too much longer when I loaded up my crew and I headed to practice too. I dropped off my 3 players and picked up the other 2 players. The kids were a bit put out with us because we didn't let them stay during both practice. I tired to remind them that we would get to stay another practice night and hopefully many other practice nights but we won't stay when it is cold and windy like tonight.
  • Whitman and Keaton took a shower and were thrilled when I sprayed shaving cream for them to play with. As soon as Reagan was finished with her shower, she started to work on a card for Whitman's birthday. 
  • Soon the boys and Campbell were home and running through the showers. By the time everyone was dry, I had supper on the table. We ate and then the kids had a few minutes to finish watching one of their tv shows before bedtime!

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