March 14, 2017

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  • It was pretty nice waking up this morning and no one had to go to school and we weren't doing school at home so we were in no hurry this morning. I was still dressed and starting on breakfast by 8-even though we were not doing school, we still had a busy morning of chores.
  • The kids ate and then the list of chores was brought out. It was nothing to big but just a few things that needed to be done around here. We were finished in time for me to read a few short books and then we watched a movie about Pi since today is National Pi Day.
  • Then we loaded up and headed to Grannymom and Grandpa's house. I had parent teacher conferences for Whitman and Keaton this morning. Ms. Stacy had glowing things to say about my Keaton. She only had one lower than great score on her report card for memorizing/reciting poems. Whitman also did great. He needs to work on his cutting skills-that is not at all what I had expected to hear about him. Couldn't be more pleased!
  • Afterwards, I headed to Walmart for a bit of shopping. The kids played a few rounds of kickball with Grannymom and had lunch. When I arrived back, I was met with of groans of disgust that I was back and it was time for us to leave.
  • When we were on our street, the kids quickly noticed the neighbor's cone was out in the front of their house. That is their signal that they are ready to play. My kids jumped out of the car and headed down the road for most of the afternoon.  
  • Keaton did come back inside and ended up falling asleep on the couch. I was almost convinced that she was sick but she woke up feeling just fine-I guess she was just exhausted.
  • Robby and I were standing in the living room talking when we heard a sound that sounded like a window breaking. Our ears did not fool us-it was indeed a window breaking. Not just any window but one of the huge ones in the mud room. We stood on one side of the window glaring at it with horrified faces and on the other side of the window was a gaggle of kids glaring back at us with horrified faces. It was pretty quick to identify the guilty party-Graham who was pretty hysterically sobbing.
  • I went outside to calm him down and find out what had happened. He had picked up a little bat to move it off of the area that they were playing in. He just swung it the wrong way-towards the house and the window. Poor thing, later in the day I overheard Anderson telling him that he would probably have to go to military school. He asked me if he was going to have to pay for the window and I explained that the window will cost more than he has.
  • Tonight Keaton and Campbell headed off with Robby for a night out. On our big trip, we had told Keaton that she would get to do something special since she didn't get to do the ropes course like the big kids. We never found anything special for her to do on the trip and once we came home, we quickly forget about it. Campbell was getting to go because she recited the Preamble to the Constitution.
  • They headed off to Larry's Pizza to eat and then they were able to play lots and lots of games. The rest of us had showers here and then the boys all had pizza and Reagan and I had nachos for supper. We watched a movie and before it was finished, Campbell and Keaton were home from their big adventure.
  • They had their showers and then it was time for bedtime around here. I think that everyone was pretty worn out tonight! It has been a day around here!

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