Spring Break Trip 2017-March 18, 2017

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Our alarm clocks both rang at 6:15 this morning. Robby said that he could not figure out why in the world he had set his alarm for a Saturday morning. He quickly remembered that we had places to be and soon we had both finished hitting snooze and were up getting ready.

Before we could do too much, we could already hear the girls above our heads working on making their beds. The boys were getting themselves ready too. It is nice that our people can do most everything by themselves-especially since Robby and I seem to be taking longer and longer to get ourselves ready.

I passed out doughnuts to everyone and they also packed a baggie of cereal for the road. We had planned on leaving at 7:00 but did leave around 7:15. Not too shabby for a Saturday morning. That is really not too shabby for us any day of the week. Soon the lights were turned off and Robby and I were circling around the house looking for any last things to throw in the car.

The kids were amazed that there was no one on the road and soon we were on the “fast road” listening to our book on tape. We did pass out the ipads so everyone could pick their next round picks. We have all completed full brackets and currently Campbell is barely holding on to her lead but the upsets today will hurt quite a few of the Dennie picks.

We only stopped once on the way to Devil’s Den. We had told the Wilsons that we would arrive at 10 and when we left the interstate we saw a sign that said 17 more miles. Robby drove like a crazy man so we could arrive as close to 10 as possible-10:30. We drove right to the Wilsons just like we knew where they were-they had sent us multiple instructions about how to get there and thankfully, I took notes or we would still be circling around on the other dirt road.

When we arrived, Tony had breakfast almost ready and man, that is truly the way to camp. We pulled our chairs from the van and sat down to enjoy bacon, sausage, biscuits, hashbrowns, eggs and pancakes. When we were finished with our meal, we watched them clean up! Couldn't have been better! No, we did help clean up some while the kids went walking on a trail.

I did have to call my kiddos back for a little meeting about staying together. Reagan and Anderson had started off in a run leaving Whitman crying, Keaton running back to get me and poor Campbell and Graham trying to gather everyone together (My middle two sometime don't have any sense at all but other times they have more sense than the big ones.) After everyone, including the nearby campers, clearly understood my instructions about staying together they went off again on their trail walk. And when they did return, they were still all together!

The kids played football, wiffle ball, ultimate frisbee and soccer. They also walked on the nearby trail multiple times and drank their weight in drinks. When breakfast clean up was done, we started on lunch/supper preparations. Keaton, Whitman, Campbell, Shannon and I did walk around the camp area and asked to pet a horse. The man asked if they wanted to get on the horse and Whitman said he did. He sat up on that horse and said "is it going to go fast?" After we took him down and walked away, he realized that he didn't get to ride the hose and was not pleased.

The next adventure was a one and a half mile trail-Devil's Den trail. I am not really sure but it seemed much, much more than a mile and a half. It must have been because it seemed like we were constantly walking down steep inclines. The trail was really neat and we were able to see some caves and odd cracks and crevices in the rocks. It would be another beautiful trail to walk in the fall. Whitman was very, very concerned that we were going to go into a cave and would be beside himself asking about where Campbell was each time we left a cave area.

Anderson and Graham stayed up front with Brett and Luke (Brett's friend) and Reagan stuck pretty close to them. They had a blast and could have walked for another few miles. The end of the trail ended with a beautiful waterfall and by this time the weather was warm and it would be been nice to get a bit wet in the water.

After the trail, we drove around a bit before heading back to the campsite. The kids played some more and soon we were eating chili and fritos, which is one of our favorite meals. Tony had also made apple cobbler in the dutch oven which we had as we loaded up our chairs and said our goodbyes.

We drove to the hotel and Robby checked in. We unloaded and then the kids all took crazy fast showers. They were absolutely filth-a sign of a good day. Whitman had fallen asleep in the car so I carried him up to our room. After everyone else had been in the shower, we undressed him and I put him in the shower with Robby. Robby scrubbed him up and then got out. A few minutes later, I asked him if he wanted to get out and he said "Why am I in here?" The poor guy had no idea why he was in the shower or how he had even got there.

When everyone was clean, we drove just a few miles to the baseball stadium. It was crazy crowded and Robby started to worry that maybe we couldn't get tickets. We were able to get them in the outfield. I have only really been to Traveler's games and this was nothing like that. The crowd was much more livlier. In fact, I always hear people talk about homeschooling on the road but tonight, I learned that it was indeed possible. My littles learned words like "suck, nuts, fat pig" but my favorite comment from tonight was "Umpire, open your good eye!"

The outfield was like a big party with everyone bringing in their chairs, grill and ice chests. We sat down on the grass and weren't really able to see but could a bit. My Graham really, really wanted to catch a ball but none came our way. One of the innings was at least an hour long and it was just a bit chilly. We did eventually end up in seats near the Wilsons and were there for the ending of the game.

When we initially sat there, the crowd was pretty upset about a call and they were letting the umpire know about it. Campbell listened to this for a while and then she said, "I am ready to go." I calmed her down and soon the crowd was calm as well.We did all see Ribby, the Razorback Hog and Keaton asked to take her picture with a cheerleader...and then Whitman became pretty enamored with them himself.

It was after 10:30 when the game was over. We had a snack in the car, rice krispy treats, and then headed upstairs to get into our beds. Whitman made it clear that he slept in the bathroom when he was a baby but now he has "growed." I believe that Campbell was the first one to sleep tonight and probably everyone but Anderson is asleep right now. It has been a late night but we have to wake up at a decent time tomorrow because breakfast ends at 9:30-I guess if we miss it, we can drive back down to the Wilson's campsite for breakfast there.

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