March 6, 2017

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  • Whitman crawled in our bed this morning right at 7. We tried to convince ourselves that it was Saturday morning and not Monday morning. When we finally mentioned to him that this was Nonna day, he was quick to jump out of bed and start on his clothes.
  • I went upstairs to wake up Keaton and I can always tell when she is really tired-she doesn't care what I pick her out to wear to school. This morning she just nodded when I asked if my choice was okay. I carried her downstairs and soon both of my littles were ready for the day.
  • I poured some yogurt for Whitman and found a pop tart for Keaton and then they were off to school for Keaton and Nonna's house for Whitman. He was so excited and said that Nonna was going to build him a fort that was "going to be awesome-er."
  • The rest of us started on school work when they left. The kids were really wild this morning and no one seemed too interested in doing their work. They talked, they laughed, they raced and I just didn't say anything today. I just kept my head down and finished my work and was even able to work on a few of my chores before it was time to do our work together.
  • Reagan was barely able to finish by our normal work together time. While I worked on lunch, everyone tried to finish their school. We had sandwiches and then I read a bit of Psalms to help Reagan (she is trying to read through the Bible for Sunday school and has made it to Psalms and now she is overwhelmed.) 
  • After we ate, everyone started on their chores. I had a few extra ones today on the list-like the bathroom baseboards! When chores were finished, they started back on their school work. I headed upstairs to the treadmill. Anderson and Campbell finished while I was upstairs.
  • Today the plan had been for Graham to make supper but around 3 the neighbors came out. As he was running outside, I asked him if he just wanted to wait until another day to make supper so he could play today. He took me up on that and out everyone went.
  • Nonna and Pops brought Keaton and Whitman home. They were so excited about their cookies-Whitman made sure that I ate one right away and Keaton loaded up a bag of cookies to take to her brothers, sisters and neighbors down the road.
  • As soon as Nonna and Pops left, Whitman had me walk him down the street so he could play with his "friends" (what he calls his brothers and sisters.) They all played down the road-even during the rain which started to fall. 
  • Anderson came home eventually and he was ready to get in dry clothes. We had to eventually call the others home because it was pouring outside and starting to get a bit dark. Of course, no one was too happy about coming home but they were soaking wet. Well, the big 3 were wet but not crazy, crazy wet but the little 3 did not have a dry thread of clothes on them. 
  • Everyone had their showers and then we ate our plan B supper-potato soup. After we cleaned the kitchen, Anderson helped me make chocolate chip pumpkin muffins for him to take to Bible study for his snack on Wednesday. Then Graham helped me a make a pie crust for his flat apple pie that will accompany his meal whenever we make it (maybe tomorrow or maybe Thursday.)
  • When the kitchen was finally cleaned, we watched a cooking show and even folded the laundry before bedtime. It was well after 9 when everyone went to bed but they seemed a bit antsy still. Right now, however, it does seem all quiet upstairs.

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