March 7, 2017

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  • The big boys were the only ones awake this morning so I had to wake up my two sleeping littles. While I was working on waking them up, Reagan and Campbell popped out of bed which is pretty unusual for them. I finally managed to get Keaton and Whitman downstairs and Robby was already out of the shower-this meant that I was running behind.
  • I put his clothes on him (Whitman, not Robby) and brushed Keaton's hair. Then we hurried to the kitchen and I started passing out some of the muffins that we made last night. Soon the littles were in the car leaving for school and the rest of us were starting school.
  • The kids didn't full around as much today and everyone, including Anderson, was finished with their school work by 11. We were able to work on our together work and then we even attempted to make crystals like our science book suggested. I am not too sure that they are going to work out-in 4th grade, I had a pretty awesome science fair project and made some nifty crystals. Unfortunately, these will be nothing like those!
  • After lunch, we did a few chores, the kids went outside briefly and then they came in. When it was almost time to leave, I decided that Graham better start on some of his supper so he cut up some potatoes and apples for his supper tonight.
  • Then it was off to go skating. We jumped in the car and it didn't start. I had already grabbed the jumper thing and was opening the lid (I guess you professional car people call it the hood) when Robby called me back. He talked me through everything-actually, he was just assuring me that I wasn't going to blow myself up. He has given me previous lessons on this but I have never had to do it by myself. Then I started the car and after a bit of gas, it started! I felt so empowered!
  • We picked up Keaton and then headed to the skating rink. Anderson didn't want to skate today at all but I did convince him to skate some and I think that he did have a good time (even though he said that he was bored). Everyone did really good again this month but gracious, all they want to do is stand near the table where I am. I know they get tired but gracious, they all just huddle around me and all of the other moms. We all stilled had fun though.
  • On the way home, we picked up Whitman. As we drove home, the kids noticed that the neighbors had a cone out in their yard-that is their official signal that they can play. We have a cone for our yard and they have a cone for their yard. So the kids went out to play.
  • Graham knew that he was cooking tonight so he was the first one inside when everyone started trickling in. He was filthy-how can a child get so filthy in 45 minutes outside? We threw him in the shower and soon he was back in the kitchen cooking with me.
  • Graham had planned out tonight's menu and gracious me, cooking is a lot of work. We made buttermilk biscuits, fried potatoes, French toast, bacon and flat apple pie. It took over 2 hours for us to get supper on the table and my G was covered with flour from head to toe-along with my kitchen.
  • All of our supper was very good-the biscuits were a bit flat (we remembered that they had been the last time we made that recipe), the potatoes were a favorite, the French toast was pretty good (I had never had it before), the bacon (turkey) was okay, and the apple pie was probably a favorite (the kids went wild when I said that we could have it for breakfast too). Well, Anderson and Keaton wouldn't try to the pie-silly kids.
  • Just about as long as it took the cook the supper, it took that long to clean up the kitchen. I thought that I had been cleaning as I went but I must not have been doing enough. We finally clean the kitchen and all sat down to watch a baking show-I think from now on, the only cooking and baking that happens in this house will be on the tv!

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