Spring Break Trip 2017-March 19, 2017

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Last night, we realized that it was awfully quiet in our room when the air conditioner wasn't on. We had never replaced Robby’s fan that he usually brings on trips so I suggested that he find a white noise app. He searched and searched for a decent sound and finally ended up with noise that sounded like rain falling...or possibly baking frying. I am sure that Reagan was a bit disappointed when she woke up and discovered that we were not actually cooking bacon in the room.

Robby and I were in bed a bit later than everyone else since we did do a load of laundry-why not? Around 8:30 this morning I realized that Robby was already awake and in the bathroom. Before I knew it, Whitman and Keaton were climbing in bed with me. They were wide awake for a good long while before anyone else woke up. Reagan and Anderson were my last two to wake up.

Everyone quickly put their clothes on this morning-it is surprising how quickly the kids get back into the traveling routine. They put their pjs in their bags and brushed their teeth mostly without being asked. Then it was down to breakfast. My people loaded up-sausage, eggs, toast, waffles, bagels, cereal-we ate almost as much as we did yesterday at the Wilson’s campsite.

After we ate, we all returned to the room to grab our bags and then we were in the car. We drove by one Walmart to possibly drop off the car which hesitates to start. The line was pretty crazy so we decided that we would risk it for a bit longer. We thought about listening to church but had already missed some so we turned on our book on tape.

Once we passed through the Duggar’s town, Tonitown, we did stop at a Walmart for them to check the car battery. I believe that they were able to get right to the car but it still took a good long while.We walked around and walked around. This Walmart was nicer than ours and had many, many more things to look at so we did look like we had never been to a Walmart before.

After about an hour and a half of walking around, we did head to the McDonald's at the front. Robby bought nuggets and then cookies for us to eat as we shared a drink. Robby would check on the car occasionally as I played a never ending game with the kids. Almost 3 hours after we arrived, we did leave with a brand new battery. Kind of odd to get 2 bad batteries in just a few months but hopefully this will solve the problem.

Soon we were in Oklahoma and zooming down a toll road. The kids turned on their ipads and I passed out snacks to hold us over until tonight’s supper. It wasn’t too long until we were in Bartlesville. We were able to meet my suite mate from college and her family. They had a tall tower that the kids enjoyed climbing up and then we walked down to a neat playground. The kids played and threw the ball a bit.

Let’s just take a minute to discuss this Oklahoma wind. I have heard people talk about it but it was craziness. If we had been at home, the tornado sirens would have probably have gone off. Ha! It was crazy windy and I am sure that all of the pictures show a bunch of crazy haired people in them. Around 5, we headed to our hotel and turned on the Hog game.

Robby ran to pick up pizza and we ate as we watched some of the game. Whitman didn’t watch much of the game but did watch his movies. Keaton and Campbell didn’t watch the game either and instead they played something. I am not sure what but they did straighten our shoes, clean off a table and turned off the lights in our room-I guess they were playing hotel maid.

We gobbled up the pizza during the game and my crew was still crazy happy at the end of the game (well, except for Graham who had the Hogs winning it all on his bracket). They were all happy because everyone was getting to go swimming. This was the first time they had swam in a while so we made sure everyone remembered everything-4 big ones did, Whitman didn’t miss a beat with his life jacket on but Keaton had forgotten her swimming skills but was fine once we put her floatees on here, which stayed on her the rest of the time.

The kids swam and swam-they raced, they jumped, they squealed, they soaked in the hot tub, they had a ball. I took Whitman and Keaton back a few minutes before everyone else so we could get the showers started. Then Robby and the others came back. After showers, Robby did laundry with Keaton and Campbell and most everyone had hot chocolate before watching a bit of tv, reading a few chapters in Psalms for Reagan, which Whitman fell asleep during, and then it was sweet bedtime!

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