May 1, 2017

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  • The kids were already moving around early this morning. Today was zoo day number 1 and my kids were ready to go. As we left, we grabbed our jackets as an after thought. When we did step out of the car, we were thankful that we had those jackets. It was freezing outside-pretty crazy first day of May weather.
  • Keaton was happy to see that we were not the last ones at the zoo this morning and that all of her classmates were there. Her zoo trip was rained out a few weeks ago and Keaton was so relieved that it was rescheduled for a day that we were in town.
  • Most of my crew had maps and we started following Ms. Stacy. We were with other classes for most of the visit and it was pretty crazy. I was feeling pretty confident about how well my crew stayed with the group and just as pride was taking over...five! I could only count 5 Dennies!
  • Whitman! I scanned this way, scanned that way. Nope. Nowhere! The group was walking off and he wasn't with them. I hollered at Harper's mom to keep up with Keaton and the rest of us would catch up. I scattered my big kids in different directions to look for their brother. That really left me standing there since I couldn't leave my spot or then I would have more than one kiddo lost. 
  • I knew he was nearby but still you can get a panicky quickly! It wasn't long until Graham came running up saying that they found him. And surprise, he was on the playground just about 20 steps from us. He must have known that he was in trouble as Reagan, Anderson and Campbell were dragging him off of the playground. He was screaming and flailing-it almost looked like a kid on kid kidnapping. I snatched that boy up and did a much better job at holding on to him for the rest of the morning.
  • We were able to see most of the animals and even had time to play on the playgrounds before we left the zoo-with all 6 of my Dennies. On the way home, we ran into the library and left with 37 books. This whole process makes me just about as nervous as I was when Whitman was on his solo zoo adventure. Everyone wants to help me check out the books-12 hands grabbing books, shoving them in my bag and hurrying them over the check out spot. Thankfully, as we walked out the alarm didn't ring and we had all of our books scanned!
  • I grabbed pizzas on the way home and that was wonderful since we didn't have to worry about lunch. Most everyone wanted to eat on the way home too because they were starving. Once we made it home, the rest of us ate. 
  • The kids watched some movies but eventually ended up outside this afternoon. I laid on the couch and asked Whitman if he wanted to lay by me and he did-soon we were both sound asleep. I woke him up at 5 and sent him outside.
  • Everyone was outside for quite a bit of the evening. Nonna and Pops came over to drop a few things off and when they left, I helped pick up a few sticks. The kids also helped pick up sticks before they came in for their showers. 
  • After showers, I made grilled cheese sandwiches and corn on the cob for supper. Then we watched a Bates show before sending the crew to bed. Tomorrow is zoo day #2.

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