May 10, 2017

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  • My big plan for today was to clean and organize the school room closet. I had planned on this taking a good while so I knew that we weren't going to do school and I didn't even set my alarm. But I don't need an alarm, I have a four year old boy. Whitman was the first one awake and he was not happy with me that I would not going to let him watch a movie on my tv.
  • Soon others started trickling down the stairs. They found breakfast and I started on the closet. I worked and worked and worked some more and my progress was pretty slow. My progress was actually extremely slow. I am about 1/4 finished and finally gave up around 11 (not really gave up since I plan on completing that stinking closet before Sunday.)
  • At 11, I gathered my troops and we read science and history. Then I read a book to Whitman and Keaton while they colored a few pages. Anderson and Campbell hung around the listen to the book a bit longer while Reagan and Graham headed off to start on their chores.
  • I whipped up lunch (sandwiches) and then we really started on our chores. By 2, the house was straight (not exactly clean but at least it was straight), some people were outside, some were watching movies and Reagan asked to make something.
  • I told her to decide what she wanted to make and I would see-she came up with oatmeal cookies and I agreed. She did everything by herself (I did use Whitman's help to sort the chocolate chips-Christmas ones so he had to take the red and green ones out.) Reagan is quite entertaining though because she has me double check each ingredient-"this is 2/3rds a cup of sugar, right?" 
  • The cookies were delicious and Reagan delighted passing them out at snack time a bit later in the afternoon. I tried to run on the treadmill and did manage for about 30 minutes-I wonder if watching cooking shows while I am on the treadmill cancels my exercising out.
  • Soon the afternoon was over and I was fixing supper. We gobbled down our food and then headed towards the church house. I ran into the library to pick up a few books and then it was to church for our next to last Wednesday night before our summer break.
  • Everyone had fun and once we were at home, everyone changed, had a cookie and watched a Bates before heading to bed. It is currently pretty quiet upstairs which means only one thing-ice cream time!

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