May 25, 2017

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  • I knew that I had to wake up on time this morning and we were able to do that-even after staying up until after 1 last night. Seriously, what in the world is wrong with us staying up so late like that. We weren't even eating ice cream-the whole time!
  • Keaton remembered that school had asked her to wear her school shirt. I believe it was because they were going on a field trip. She looked cute in it and I thought that it was fitting, so I put Whitman in his shirt as well.
  • Nonna, Grannymom and Grandpa were all at the celebration. We missed last years because Keaton was sick though we did make her a certificate and had a program in the kitchen for her. The kids sang and then the teachers handed out certificates. 
  • Afterwards, there were lots of pictures to be made and breakfast to be eaten. They had a nice spread-doughnut holes, fruit and muffins. Keaton and Whitman also picked up their pottery from last weeks pottery session with Ms. Angela. It was a pretty perfect morning for them and they both felt pretty special.
  • Then we met Ms. Stacy and the rest of the class at Mills Park. Surprisingly, we were the first ones there and I sat in the car thinking, surely this is the right place. I probably shouldn't have questioned myself since this is the fifth time that we have done the certificates and then Mills Park with Ms. Stacy. Soon everyone showed up and my crew took off playing.
  • The kids played for a long while and then they celebrated all of their summer birthdays. I had already told all of my kiddos who were not in Ms. Stacy's class that I didn't know if there would be food for them but I had snacks in the car. Another mom overheard me and assured me that she had plenty for all the kids and grownups and that she did. She had cupcakes, rice krispy treats, brownies, cookies and fruit. My kids went to town.
  • After all of that eating, Keaton said bye to Ms. Stacy and then we went on the little trail walk behind the park. I guess that it was about a mile long. At first Whitman was scared of being in the woods. I think that is fine since I certainly don't want him to wander off here. He eventually got over that but still wanted me to hold him because he was getting tired-I didn't! Reagan did give him a brief piggy back ride but other than that, he walked. We have to get his little legs in shape for the summer.
  • After the trail, we stopped by the library, gas station and then Nonna's house. I had just went to Nonna's house to pick up a shelf but ended up staying for lunch which was a good thing because I didn't have any bread at our house.
  • We headed home and after unloading the car, I had time to fold the laundry and then it was time to leave again. This time just with Reagan for her dentist appointment. I had to move her summer appointment because of her mission trip. She does a have a little cavity so we will return to the dentist in a few weeks for that.
  • We then ran to Walmart for pick up a few things and then back home. The others were playing with the neighbors so Robby and I talked about the grocery list. Then I headed back to town for the grocery store. I ended up at the store by myself which was nice-I still filled up my cart even without any helpers.
  • When I came back home, Robby had the kids picking up sticks. They worked for a while and then had popsicles. The big 3 also each had a driving lesson with the old lawnmower with the trailer attached. It was interesting but no Dennies were harmed!
  • It was around 9 again when we did eat supper and then the kids watched a Bates until after 10. We shooed them into bed as quick as we could since it was ice cream time for us!

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