May 28, 2017

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  • We briefly heard the storms last night but continued to snooze right through them. This morning the boys were the first ones awake and were soon dressed. Whitman even knew the drill this morning and asked to put on his clothes before getting his breakfast.
  • Soon we were all on our way to church for the morning. This was Feed the Need Sunday so there was only one service. I let Whitman stay in with us and he did fine. Reagan was a little chatty with him but we survived.
  • After church we headed to Walmart to buy food for Feed the Need. I explained that we were buying food for hungry boys and girls and Whitman said, "I'm hungry." I assured him that there would be plenty of food at Grannymom's house in a bit. 
  • Since church was shorter, we did make it to Grannymom's house before Dana and her crew, so we had time to play a game before lunch. We had lasagna and the fixings for lunch and as soon as we had finished the kids jetted outside to play.
  • We ended up taking Cash home and the kids played mostly outside all afternoon long (I did nap some so I am not quite sure where all they did play.) My boys ended up being so muddy that they had to come in and change their clothes-I believe that they were riding their bikes through the dirt pile which is now mud puddle. 
  • This evening Robby, Whitman and I ran down to feed the Wilson cat and pick up pizza. My kids acted like they had never eaten pizza from a gas station before! While we were gone, I had left my phone and given instructions that it was not to play with and was for emergencies only like fire and 911. Robby had burned a stump yesterday and before we had left, we had stirred it up while looking at it. It wasn't hot at all but somehow when we were gone, according to the kids, it made it a pop and ash spewed into the air. It was enough that Campbell and Keaton reminded Reagan that they were to call if there was a fire but Reagan talked them out of it. 
  • When we made it home, we all ate and then the kids started on showers. Then we had a bit of ice cream for our Sunday night ice cream truck. Afterwards, we watched a few Bates, we sent the kids to bed. The boys are still going strong up there-I have been up there once but we will let them talk for a bit longer!

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