May 29, 2017

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  • Cash and the boys woke up sometime after 7 this morning which was fine with me since at least they did sleep until 7. Keaton and Campbell were up soon after and they were waiting anxiously to play with the boys. I even heard that Keaton was just sitting outside their door waiting on them to come out.
  • I asked Whitman and Campbell to help with breakfast and they jumped at the chance, but I had to make Keaton help me with breakfast. She was not happy with me at all but she did enjoy helping butter, sugar and cinnamon the croissants. And to make things worse for her, while the croissants were baking, I made her work on her reading book with me.
  • Everyone seemed to enjoy our breakfast, except for Reagan who wasn't awake until much later in the morning. The boys and the girls played the xbox, played their ipads and mostly played outside until Robby called for them to put on their bathing suits.
  • Once those words were said, the house was cleaned and suits were thrown on. Kids were climbing into the van as fast as they could. We made it to the pool around 11:30 this morning and it was pretty crowded. It will be for the next few weeks but then people will forget about it and things will calm down.
  • After being sprayed down, everyone took off to the water. Whitman did well today and seemed to follow the rules. At 12:30, they had their annual Memorial Day picnic and we all had hot dogs, chips, dips, desserts and drinks. Reagan and Graham eventually tired to swimming-or maybe they were cold.
  • So around 2:30 we left the pool and headed home. The kids helped us unload and then changed their clothes. After all of that swimming they did, Robby and I needed a rest. We snoozed for a bit and soon we were loading up again.
  • This time we headed to the Wilsons to celebrate Tony's birthday. We snacked around, the kids played soccer and kickball, Campbell helped Layne clean her closet, Tony cut some wood for me and then we ate some ice cream and sang/shouted Happy (belated) Birthday to Tony.
  • We came home in time for showers and then bed for the kiddos. Keaton was complaining of a tummy ache as she laid down. She told us all about the movie they watched tonight with someone who was sick so that was vividly in her head tonight! Hopefully, it all stays in her head and doesn't get on her bed! 

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